Block Paving – 15 Best Benefits of This Stone Paving

Block Paving – 15 Best Benefits of This Stone Paving

Mar 28, 2023

Stone block paving is an emerging arena in the dimension industry. Natural stone blocks or bricks are coming with plenty of advantages, and World of Stones USA is illustrating a pick of the best 15 benefits of the stone paving in the current post.

In our previous blog, “Block Paving – All You Need to Know,” we have discussed most of the things regarding natural stone block paving. So, keeping the thread continues, let’s today we discuss the best 15 benefits of block paving.

According to Wikipedia, Block Paving usually perceives as brick paving. However, today, the concept transfer to the cement-concrete blocks and natural stone blocks more than the clay-brick blocks.

Benefit No. 1– Today, block paving is available in various material options to make the right choice within your goals, contexts, and budget of the project.

We know Tarmac paving gives mostly dark-black surface or mono-colored driveway/walkway in your outdoor space. The same goes true for cement-concrete & clay-brick block paving. However, natural stones most often are attractive due to built-in grains, veins, fissures, and surface textures. Most of the granite and sandstone blocks/bricks are colorful and allow you to create desired patterns to show your creativity in your landscape designing.

Benefit No. 2– Natural stone blocks always remain an attractive option for block paving in your garden or outdoor landscape to create pathways or driveways. Natural stone block paving gives your property an instant facelift.

Tarmac or Asphalt-based road/driveway involves expensive machinery and requires skilled operators to handle complexities in the job. Additionally, a battalion of labors and tons of material should keep ready to accomplish it quickly for tarmac contractors.

Stone block paving allows anyone with the necessary skills and guts to manage it on DIY efforts. You can spend weekends in laying foundation using a paver base and preparing a stone block paving driveway/walkway in your outdoor garden or landscape.

Benefit No. 3– Natural stone block paving allows you to go DIY. It requires minimum tools and anyone to work. 

Recent advancements in natural stone product development technologies involved from mining to transit are finally rendering cost-effective solutions in the market. It means you can get natural stone paving blocks or bricks at almost similar price tags that you can purchase other block paving material options.

Benefit No. 4– Natural stone block paving is a cost-effective solution in the modern market thanks to improved technologies and transit cost. 

We have seen Tarmac, Concrete, and Clay-brick block paving have a comparatively shorter lifespan than block paving with natural stones. Moreover, natural stone blocks for paving are durable in various material properties such as strength, withstand weathering, load-bearing, and porosity. Thereby, natural stones hardly fade during the pace of time. Stones keep their appearance intact even for centuries if proper care and maintenance have taken place.

Benefit No. 5– Natural stone block paving is a long-lasting and durable option compared to rests.

Natural stone blocks are mostly of brick size or small tiles. It means you can replace damaged stone blocks quickly and without working on the entire or a significant portion of your driveway/walkway surfaces. If you have a small number of weathered stones, you can go DIY or hire a stonemason on hourly-basis. It also saves you investing in material more than the damaged pieces. Moreover, you can get similar look-n-feel in the replacement stone blocks that leave the appearance of your paths seamless.

Benefit No. 6– Natural stone block paving allows easy and quick replacements for the damaged pieces. It means maintenance is a quick & simple process.

Fundamentally, stones are rough-n-tough material in the construction industry. So, you can wash the majority of rocks with any standard cleaning solution or washing detergent besides plain water cleaning. So, you can get the glory of natural stones with simple washing techniques without an expensive and sophisticated procedure.

Benefit No. 7– Natural stone block pavers are easy to wash or clean with standard cleaning solutions or merely the application of plain water.

Most of the siliceous stones are less-porous material. It means spills of any liquid or stuff can hardly damage the core of stone blocks or even surfaces on top. Simple washing with plain water or detergent solution can remove stains. In sporadic cases, you have to use poultices like expensive techniques for stain removal. 

Benefit No. 8– Natural stone block surfaces are stain-resistant and allow quick stain removal.

By physical properties, natural stones are sturdy material. Therefore, stone surfaces can receive various surface finishing right from soft to hard. So, you can get glossy polishing with stunning visual impacts, as well as get rough surfaces with hones, tumbled, and flamed surface treatments.

Rough types of stone finishes yield skid-free or slip-resistant surfaces. It permits you to install roughly finished stones in wet areas in interior spaces while open space in outdoor design. Thus, you can make your bathroom or toilet paving slip-resistance. Similarly, your outdoor swimming pool deck, patio pavers, and paths can have skid-free surfaces.

Benefit No. 9– Natural stones receive skid-free surface treatments and give slip-free paving options for outdoor as well as some indoor applications. 

Natural stone products are a part of the dimension industry. It means you can cut stones in desired shapes, sizes, and create patterns in a precise manner. Moreover, stone edging provides ample options to get functional and beautiful edges on stone blocks/bricks. It ends up in smooth surfaces with aesthetic appeal while applying different stone block laying patterns. The following block paving patterns are famous in the stone block industry.

  • Random
  • Random “I”
  • Runner Bond
  • Herringbone
  • Basket Weave
  • Modular Paver Patterns from a single piece to four pieces

Benefit No. 10– Natural stone block paving results in accurate dimensions and anticipated edge treatments to improve overall aesthetic appeal. 

Stone blocks or bricks can easily accept various sealants available in the market. You can apply stone-specific & quality sealants on stone block paving surfaces. It makes your paving waterproof, weatherproof, and damage-proof in a sense. Stone sealants prevent the entry of air-floating seeds of weeds; hence, future weed growth. Stone sealants cut stone permeability for water or any liquid to zero for a specific duration. So, you can expand the lifespan of natural stone blocks indirectly.

Benefit No. 11– Natural stone block pavers receive stone sealants and prevent further damages due to various factors.

Today cost-effective transportation, easy export-import, and the presence of a vast network of distributors across the country and globe have made natural stone products readily available everywhere. You need not go to visit a series of quarries for a purchase. Instead, you can get the desired product info and quotes online for your custom order.

Benefit No. 12– Natural stone block pavers are available everywhere, thanks to an extensive network of suppliers and distributors.

At World of Stones USA, you can get ready to install stone kits for block paving project. What you need is to use its visualizer to get design ideas and estimation of the number of products. You may get a certain quantity of block pavers in a kit, and save wastage. The kit always contains pre-cut stone pavers according to your design and layout. Colors, styles, and patterns are available in various options, and you can make the right choice according to your plan. In short, natural stone kits for block paving, let you install quickly and without the help of expert stonemason if you are a bit tech-savvy and learn installation through online tutorials.

Benefit No. 13– Natural stone block pavers are available in ready-to-use stone kits.

Natural stones are products from natural rocks. The rocks are a recyclable product made by nature itself. Stone mining and processing are possible using green energy options. Right from natural stone formation to degradation, stone products are not affecting carbon footprint at all and even not emitting hazardous elements in the environment of the planet Earth.

Benefit No. 14– Natural stone block paving is a sustainable and green option.

Block paving with natural stones improves the aesthetic value of your property due to durability, attractive appearance, classic wear & tear impacts, and other advantages come with the use of stones. Stone block paving can increase the reselling value if you have used it in your indoor and outdoor projects.

Benefit No. 15– Natural stone block pavers can improve property value a lot.

Where Will You obtain the Best Stones for Block Paving?

World of Stones USA is the place to find the right stone products for your block paving projects of any scale. You will have ample choice to make for stone blocks/bricks to set your design creatively with colors, styles, and pattern options. Would you like to know supplementary info regarding your next stone block paving order? Let’s connect online and get expert advice from our natural stone consultants. 


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