Sandstone Paving – Popular for Garden, Backyard & Patio Makeovers

Sandstone Paving – Popular for Garden, Backyard & Patio Makeovers

Mar 28, 2023

Sandstones are here for centuries. Sandstone has retained its popularity. It is thanks to the abundance of reservoirs across the globe, as well as enhanced natural stone technologies to make it the best candidate for your next garden, backyard, and patio makeovers.

Garden, backyard, and patios are outdoor places to serve different means. When you are roaming in your exterior landscapes, you mostly wish to have relaxation, irrespective of weather born adversities.

Your green plants are giving calm and soothing experiences to your eyes. Beautiful flowers are great mood changer once eyesight & fingertip is touching them. Trees are protecting you from scorching heats and feel up your lungs with life-saving oxygens. 

Sandstone Paving

What about your barefoot walk on narrow paths or stepping stones in your garden? It is Natural Stone Pavers, which are capable of passing the natural energy from Mother Earth to your body!

So, today, I am going to introduce the vital power of sandstone paving in your exterior places.

What Is Sandstone?

“Sandstone is one of the most common kinds of clastic sedimentary rocks consists of sand-size (0.06 to 2 mm) clasts or grains of minerals and organic matters.”

I already have described sandstone in one of our previous blogs at the applied geology point of view. So, today my approach helps you to explore the commercial aspects of sandstone and its applications in the outskirt of your home. 

Why Is Sandstone Paving Has Enduring Popularity?

You might wonder why am I after the sandstone alone, whereas other natural stones are available for exterior paving applications? I am a fan of sandstone for outdoor uses thanks to my advanced research regarding the shopping of natural stone pavers at a shopper’s point of view. Let me share amazing findings with you.

Sandstone Pavers Beautify Your Spaces

Sandstone Pavers Beautify Your Spaces

Sandstone adorned with natural beauty and a wide range of color hues to pick the best one for your exterior project. You can match or contrast the floors from their surroundings. Veins and grains are available in different densities and patterns in nature and the right supplier like World of Stones USA can bring the best for you.

Sandstone Is a Sturdy and Durable Option for Driveway Block Paving

Sandstone Is a Sturdy and Durable

Block paving is trendy and sandstone is a highly used stone type to create block pavers. Sandstone has good strength, so fine for load-bearing in driveway projects. 

Sandstone Is Beautifully Befitting in Wet Area Applications

Wet Area Applications

However, sandstone is a porous stone type but after proper sealing or chemical treatments, it can be used in a swimming pool like wet areas. It serves a dual purpose there. It provides an anti-skid surface and makes walking on a wet surface secure.

Sandstone Pavers Are Easy to Maintain and Durable 

wet cleaning

With the use of proper sealants and surface treatments, sandstone cleaning becomes easy. Plain water or washing detergents are enough to wash mild staining, dust, and dirt. Similarly, sandstone pavers are individual blocks/tiles, not a whole entity like concrete flooring has. 

It means you can easily and quickly replace the damaged pieces without disturbing the entire floor or area at all. The easy availability of matching pieces keeps the owners/contractors almost tension free while a replacement is a need.

Sandstone Is an Excellent Stepping Stone Material

Excellent Stepping Stone Material

Sandstone has hard, durable, and weather-resistant properties to render it an excellent choice for garden stepping stone in your landscape design.

We have seen some compelling reasons to opt for sandstone paving. Now, we will see the sandstone application in your backyard, patios, and gardens.

Sandstone Paving in Backyard

In most countries, the backyard is exclusively reserved for personal and recreational activities. Some are lucky to have ample space in a large backyard. However, many have to restricted up to a limited area.

In the latter case, sandstone offers an exclusive opportunity to act as a mini patio whenever the need arises. Otherwise, it could be a mini playground for kids or a seating place for elders who want some open air and sunlight for better health.

Sandstone Paving in Backyard

Sandstone pavers are weather resistant and have little impact of usual stains happen due to kids and others using the backyard space. The natural cleft of sandstone gives a wavy and natural-looking surface with the anti-slip property. What do you want more than these?

Make your backyard gorgeous by adding flairs through other components like adjacent wall cladding, retaining walls, stone seats, and fire features using natural sandstone products from World of Stones, Maryland, USA.

Sandstone in Patio Makeover 

Sandstone in Patio Makeover

Sandstone offers great flexibility during the installation process like patio makeover with DIY efforts. World of Stones USA provides ready to use patio kits consisting of sandstone slabs and blocks as per your custom design. 

Special patios, such as backyard patios or garden patios, are demanding a special selection of the pavers. However, sandstone is a variety of natural stones that can meet all expectations with the reach of your budget!

You can achieve glossy to semi-glossy surface experience by treating sandstone accordingly. Uneven and porous surfaces of sandstone exhibit a unique texture that is hard to achieve artificially. The availability of various color hues gives freedom of choice. Design variation becomes a norm, thanks to variations in veins and grains patterns.

matching stone furniture

You can create matching stone furniture, and retaining walls for planters around your patio using sandstone inventory from World of Stones USA.

Sandstone Paving in Walking Path 

Sandstone Paving in Walking Path

We have seen before that how sandstone varieties are powerful to give you stunning driveway paving options. Similarly, sandstone is an appropriate choice for the creation of a walking path. 

Sandstone pieces are useful to create side/edge borders of your choice. Sandstone also providing the freedom to apply different laying patterns by giving color differentiation and size options. 

You can go with block pavers or large size slabs to create your seamless paths or stepping stone paving paths. 

Sandstone Paving in Garden

Sandstone Paving in Garden

Garden is the best place to apply the versatility of your natural stone paving ideas. There is a big room for creativity. 

For instance, you can use natural sandstone pavers to define patio, paths, and spaces for recreation in your mini to a large outdoor garden.

Sandstone blocks are the best material for the creation of retaining wall to create planters and raised grass beds. 

Sandstone paving around the garden pond:

Sandstone paving around the garden pond

Here, the designer has experimented on different sizes of sandstone slabs and blocks to create a great recreational space around a water pond in the backyard garden. Pool copping and our edges are of matching colors and tone, while some variations in floor design augment the beauty further. 

Sandstone paving around water feature:

Sandstone paving around water feature

A large-scale water feature in your garden needs some paving, and sandstone is an appropriate choice as it can withstand wet conditions beautifully. Sandstone offers variation in colors, shades, and textures to create them around the water feature. 

water features

Small scale water features are in high demand and within reach of all. World of Stones USA also produces such water features and planters to adorn your exterior places in a variety of projects.

For instance, 


  • Sandstone Planters


  • Sandstone Sculptures

Sandstone Circle Kits – A New Concept in Landscape Designing

sandstone circle kit

Sandstone circle kit offers ready to use pieces of sandstone cut to meet a design layout. It eases the life of DIY lovers to experiment with various design options in their backyard or home garden spaces in different ways. The World of Stones USA also offers such standard as well as customized kits at highly competitive rates.

Bottom line:

World of Stones USA has a rich inventory of natural sandstones to meet your paving requirements beautifully. If you are interested in exploring our treasure of natural stones, you are welcome online, as well as for a face-to-face meeting at our premises. Our distributors are available in almost all major cities and towns of the USA and adjoining countries. Proper consulting and the best prices are our guarantees to obtain the best quality natural stone products.



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