Indian Sandstone Paving – 9 Indispensable Benefits

Indian Sandstone Paving – 9 Indispensable Benefits

Mar 19, 2023

Indian sandstone paving is an undeniable attraction with various colors and finishes that add a touch of beauty to your outdoor spaces. World of Stones USA is a leading Indian sandstone supplier in Maryland, USA. It makes easy availability of Indian sandstone varieties at competitive rates.

The mining source of natural stones for World of Stones USA is Rajasthan, India. Nearly 90% of sandstone reserves in India are deposited in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states. Thanks to advanced yet cheaper export-import and transit facilities, you can get the best quality at the best price.

So, if you think of Indian Sandstone in your next paving project, here are some top ten benefits you need to consider while comparing other natural stone products.

9 Benefits Indian Sandstone Paving

1. Highly Competitive Rates

We have mining sources in India, where an abundance of Indian Sandstone prevails. The local processing units of World of Stones are giving the best quality processed products at comparatively cheaper rates in the international market.

Unprocessed and processed natural stone products can get customized treatments and packaging at Maryland headquarters. Moreover, World of Stones USA has a vast network of distributors to supply the States.

It means you can get natural Indian sandstone tiles or slabs at nearly the same price tags as manufactured stone products.

2. Attractive Choice for Paving

You can get a spectrum of colors in Indian sandstone products, such as Beige, Light to Dark Gray, White, Yellow, etc.

Moreover, Indian Sandstone has a clastic texture, forming grains, veins, and fissures in beautiful yet unique patterns where each stone remains utterly unique in appearance.

3. Durable

Compared to other construction materials, being a natural stone type, Sandstone is a durable material for paving. Sandstone has a hardness of 6 to 7 and compressive strength of 95.00 N/mm2. Toughness is 3.6 and 2.2 – 2.8 specific gravity. 

So, Indian Sandstone can easily bear heavy loads like four-wheelers if the installation is technically fit. Hence, Indian Sandstone is helpful in the driveway, walkway, and stepping stone  like applications.

4. Weather Resistant

Sandstone is heat & cold-resistant that can withstand well against weathering conditions like heavy rain showers, scorching summers, and cold winters. It means you can apply Indian sandstone paving for outdoor applications like patios, decks, and paths without bothering your local weather conditions. However, some tips must be followed while laying a patio or outdoor space.

5. Skid-free Surfaces for Outdoor Paving

We know that Indian Sandstone is a highly porous type of natural stone. Moreover, it is a highly sturdy material that can accept any surface treatment easily, including honed, tumbled, etc. Such surface treatments can yield slip-resistant paving material.

6. Excellent Choice for Landscaping

Indian Sandstone is available in various forms, such as:

  • Tiles and slabs  of different shapes and sizes for paving applications.
  • Gravels, pebbles, and boulders  to decorate your garden or landscape design. Gravels are also helpful as a base material in the installation of Indian sandstone pavers.
  • Strips  are found in decks and patios as a contemporary design.
  • Cobbles  of Indian Sandstone are great paving options for various paths.
  • Indian sandstone blocks  can break the monotony of concrete blocks by providing a unique look-n-feel.

You can mix up different forms of Indian sandstone products in your landscape design and create stepping stone paths, patios, garden paths, walkways, and driveway paving.

7. Garden Feature Designing

Indian Sandstone paving comes in marvelous shades and looks. Such products are water-resistant, which means you can apply them in creating water features, water pools, and fountains in your garden or landscape design.

8. Beneficial in Outdoor Living

Most of us love to live in outdoor areas during hot months, and backyard or front yard patios are the best choice. Indian Sandstone provides comparatively more relaxed floors to get relaxation from the scorching heat. It offers a safe playground for kids. What you need is to enclose the open space to prevent the entry of direct sunlight into your outdoor space.

9. Low Maintenance 

Sandstone is a siliceous rock. Thus, by the property, all types of sandstone products are acid, water, wear & tear resistant. So, the maintenance of Indian Sandstone is easy. However, Sandstone is a highly porous natural stone type. Therefore, stone sealing treatment is essential to prevent profound damage.


These essential benefits of Indian sandstone paving might give you a clear idea of why you should choose this natural stone for your space. However, it is recommended to get Indian Sandstone laid in your area by professionals. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your natural stone paving.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and their answers will help you understand Indian Sandstone paving better.

Q1. Is Indian Sandstone good for paving?

Indian sandstone paving offers a traditional yet modern feel to any space. It is a durable and robust option for any outdoor paving. So, it is undoubtedly a perfect choice for any area.

Q2. Is Indian Sandstone paving slippery?

No, Indian sandstone paving is slip resistant. This is one of the essential benefits of installing this natural stone in your outdoor area.

Q3. What do you put under Indian Sandstone?

Under Indian sandstone paving, it is recommended to put a whole bed of Mortar. However, priming slurry should be applied under the paving stones to improve the bonding between the stones and the mortar bed.

Q4. How long does Indian Sandstone last?

If the Indian sandstone paving is installed and maintained correctly, it can last for many years, i.e., around 30-40 years. However, your paving might last for just 5-10 years if not properly cared for.


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