Bluestone Pavers – Why Popular Choice for Outdoor Paving?

Bluestone Pavers – Why Popular Choice for Outdoor Paving?

Mar 27, 2023

Bluestone is a colloquial or convenience label for rocks with blue-gray shades of colors rather than a geological term. In Britain, once upon a time, all imported stones at Stonehenge were referring to Bluestones. In the USA, sandstone from Pennsylvania and New York, and Limestone from the Shenandoah Valley are Bluestones. Basalt in Australia and New Zealand, Dolerites in Tasmania, Feldspathic sandstone in Canada, and sometimes Slate in South Australia are known as Bluestone among the end-users and contractors.

Stone industry classify Bluestone into three general categories, such as

  • Natural Cleft Bluestone: It is the most natural-looking category of stones due to multiple irregularities. It comes with coarse surfaces with non-slip properties and in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, sizes, and shapes. It is the least expensive and most cost-efficient option right from cutting, finishing, and installation processes.
  • Thermal Bluestone: It has a smooth and unnatural surface when cut after quarrying from the deep layer of earth. To re-texture it, heat treatment with hot flames to the wet stones is essential. Due to such a thermal process, it refers to thermal bluestone in industry, and the process increases the overall cost of stones.
  • Irregular Bluestone: In other words, it is flagstone and comes with extreme irregularity in shapes, size, and thickness. Therefore, it appears the most natural and mainly used in outdoor applications. However, it is cheaper, but the high installation cost nullifies its original cost.

Why Bluestone A Popular Choice for Outdoor Natural Stone Applications?

After getting basic information regarding bluestone, let’s come to the point that why bluestone pavers are the most popular choice for outdoor stone applications, such as a patio, swimming pool, garden paths, entrance paths, driveway, garden stepping stones, exterior walls, compound walls, foundation siding, pergolas, fountain, water features, outdoor chimneys, fire features, and so many other outdoor uses.

Here, I am going to describe the ultimate benefits of bluestone applications for exterior construction projects.

Bluestone Pavers Give Distinct Aesthetics to Your Outdoor Spaces

Bluestone has a distinct look and texture. It quite differs from standard sandstone and limestone varieties. In our civilization, the most attractive stone formation found in Pennsylvania bluestone varieties, and we use it for outdoor application for centuries. Blue or gray shades of stones match the context with water, sky, and daylight. Therefore, patios, pools, and paths look marvelous as well as in harmony with nature. You can make a selection of color shades for your bluestone kit besides blue and gray like green, warmer brown, and purple.

You can cut bluestone in the regular square, rectangle, triangle shapes to random shapes according to your layout, patterns, and styles you have decided in your custom design.

Bluestone Pavers Bring Distinct Charms to Your Exterior Spaces

Polished and coated bluestone looks like blond hardwood planks and simulates laminated flooring. It gives a charming appearance despite its hard and cool surfaces.

Bluestone Pavers Offer Opportunity to Décor Your Exterior

The amalgamation of bluestone tiles, slabs, and veneer provides a lucrative opportunity to create a theme in your exterior decoration. A patio with mid-size slabs, large stepping stones, and a small water pool in your backyard garden with bluestone under the blue sky creates a sumptuous and artistic look to please you and your guests.

Bluestone Pavers Last for Long in Your Exterior Places

Now, we know the facts of bluestone that those are whether sandstone or limestone types of sedimentary or igneous rocks, which are passed through a process to convert into bluestone variety. Therefore, bluestone is tough, dense, and harsh weather resistance rocks. It can bear tons of load if installed correctly in the desired thickness. So, you can use it as a driveway paver to run or park your vehicles.

Despite its natural beauty, Bluestone can withstand freeze-thaw cycles during weather extremities. Wear & tears by natural and human traffic are negligible on the surfaces of the bluestone patio, paths, steps, pool coping, and pool deck areas.

Bluestone Pavers Are Versatile Natural Stone Material for Your Exterior Applications

Bluestone is suitable for a wide range of applications. You can create the entire patio for outdoor living in summer from bluestone and remain cool. Non-slip, durable, and water resistance bluestone pavers are an ideal material for swimming pool deck and coping. Bluestone slabs are superb choices for a garden path, façade walkway, and driveway. When you apply bluestone slabs as stepping stones in your garden patio, water feature path, and the garden path along with gravels like filler material, it beautifies the landscape at the next level.

Bluestone Pavers Are Easy to Maintain in the Exterior Applications

Like other natural stones, bluestone is a sturdy material to resist breaks and cracks. It has smooth and water-resistant surfaces to wash frequently. It is a hard material to accept stains easily. The stain removal process is simple and quick using plain water; detergent solutions used for washing and vinegar-like innocent chemicals.You can replace damaged stones, tiles, and slabs without working on the entire surface at a time. Colors of bluestone last longer and enhance look with the pace of time and wear & tear effects.

Where Will You Find High-quality Yet Cost-effective Bluestone Inventory?

Bluestone found in certain areas of the world, but recent advancements in transportation and shipments have made it available ubiquitously anywhere on the planet. Abundant supply and enhanced treatment technologies have made it cheaper than ever.

World of Stones USA is the best choice to visit once and examine its huge inventory for your exterior bluestone paving needs. High-end bluestone varieties for custom orders are available at competitive rates. You have ample scopes to make selections for colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.



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