Green Marble – Detailed Information About Tile, Texture & Slab

Green Marble – Detailed Information About Tile, Texture & Slab

Mar 27, 2023

Before knowing anything about Green Marble, we must be accustomed to Marble, as a basic and geological term. In geology, marble is a metamorphic rock. When metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks takes place in the crust of Earth due to contact with hot magma, the calcite rocks such as limestone or dolomites are turned into marble. The crystallization of carbonate minerals along with clay, quartz, pyrites, graphite, and iron oxides are forming an interlocking mess of mosaics and veins in marble.

What Is Green Marble?

During the metamorphism processes of marble rocks, a group of common minerals such as serpentine [hydrous magnesium iron phyllosilicate ((Mg, Fe) 3Si2O5(OH)4)] along with minor amounts of chromium, manganese, cobalt or nickel like mineral elements resulting into green colored marble with typical textures and colors.

What Is Green Marble Called?

Any rock, which passed through crystallization of the carbonate process through metamorphism or not, but capable of accepting polish & have green pigmentations/colors is called Green Marble. Therefore, green travertine like limestone rocks, Cippolino, Verde Antigua, Verde Guatemala like calcite-based rocks, and many other serpentines containing rocks also called Green Marble by most of the modern stonemasons.

In short, all green marbles are not truly marble by definition in geology, but still beautiful and though to use those mimicking marbles.

Due to the high serpentine content in the green marble stones, it is considering the hardest marble type in the world, and the same notion has increased the use of green marble in all regions of the planet.

Where Is Green Marble Found?

In the world, green marbles are available in nearly 38 countries including China, Italy, India, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, and Guatemala. Out of these Kolmarden in the North-East of Ostergotland in Sweden is the best source of the hardest green marble.

Today, India is ranking high in quantity and quality of green marble supply across the world including its domestic market. In India Aravali mountain range (South-West Rajasthan) is a vast area where big deposits of high-quality green marble found and nearly 300 quarries out of 2000 total quarries are operating since the late 70’s era.

It is estimated that the total production of marbles in India is more than 20, 00,000 K tons per annum. Therefore, it is considered one of the top marble producers and exporters of countries in the world.

Green Marble Texture & Taxonomy

Marble experts divide green marbles into two major categories:

  • Foliated or flower structured green marble stones
  • Non-foliated or plain green marble with a green background and white veins.

Let’s see some details of different types of green marble commonly used in the industry.

Dark Green Marble

  • It is a very dark green
  • It often comes with a forest pattern.
  • It is the strongest variety among all green marbles.
  • Its toughness allows it to accept rigorous polishing — processes to yield excellent results.
  • You can give it sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, and tumbled. I was finishing easily.
  • It is a bit brittle and requires netting on the backside during installation.
  • Due to scars availability, it is a bit costly variety/type.

Light Green Marble

  • As its name suggests, it has a lighter green color than other green marbles.
  • It has fewer white-colored veins.
  • It is available in two different patterns, forest, and plainer.
  • Its bright color attracts different applications such as more on wall cladding and similar applications.
  • It is available everywhere so cost-effective in sum.

Forest Green Marble

  • It has a highly dense forest pattern, which can inspire the imagination of the onlookers immediately.
  • The impression of forest arises thanks to its medium green base, and hundreds of mini veins, as well as boxes, are intersecting each other.
  • It is popularly known as Verde Guatemala marble stone.
  • In appearance, it is medium to light-colored rock.

Empress Green Marble

  • It is a very dark-colored stone, so it seems nearly black colored marble at first glance.
  • It has a highly dark green background, which contrasts with white veins and light green colored spider web pattern.
  • Therefore, it alternatively called green spider marble or web green marble in the market by stonemasons.
  • It is an ideal material for wall cladding in the bathroom and flooring in other areas.
  • Kitchen applications like countertops and flooring are also practicing in the market.

Emerald Green Marble

  • It has a comparatively plain design among the green marbles.
  • Its background is emerald green in color, so it is famously called emerald green marble.
  • Thanks to its uniform pattern, its applications are wide and used extensively in all spaces of interiors and exteriors.
  • It is an ideal candidate for large area flooring and wall cladding.

Rainforest Green Marble

  • It is a serpentine and non-foliated green marble stone.
  • It considers the most beautiful green stone among the green marbles.
  • It has a green backdrop and web of irregular veins in brown coexisting with blurred green spots. Thus, it gives a perfect impression of the rainforest landscape as a stone design.
  • It has an aura of mystery and renders a suitable option for almost all decorative applications.
  • You can use it to match and adorn furniture, fireplaces, and exterior curbing when luxury is demanded in marble designing.

Uses of Green Marble

Interior Applications of Green Marble

Do you know green marble is a new trend for the hottest interior decorations? Let’s learn those applications with green marble varieties.

Green Marble in Flooring Applications

Marble is a kind of limestone and calcite in nature. Green marbles have minerals crystallized in green colors. Therefore, when you need a dark-colored marble, green is an excellent choice of color.

It has natural lust, so it offers an additional sense of natural beauty, refinement, and classic cool effects. Dark green, empress, emerald green, and light green varieties of green marbles are now common as interior paving applications.

Due to the presence of serpentine in green marble, it is one of the sturdiest and durable options for flooring. Flooring in almost all interior places like a living room, bedroom, kitchen, galleries, and similar spaces are winning the hearts of owners and guests equally.

It is a good choice when you think of exterior paving applications with required precautions like the selection of different finishing and coating. Maintenance of green marble is easy, and minor dusting or stains are not easily noticed on it.

Green Marble in Countertops Applications

Most Green Marbles have serpentine as a mineral that saves the marble from etching and acidic reaction like effects as other pure Calcite-based marbles have.
With proper coating, finishing, and sealing, you can use green marble easily as kitchen countertops. Green marble is considerably heat resistant and sturdy when a proper thickness of stone slab used.

Apart from kitchen countertops, it is useful in table countertops, cabinet countertops, and washbasin countertops in other areas of the homes and offices. Dark green and rainforest are the toughest varieties among the green marbles, so the modern masons and contractors freely use those as kitchen countertops.

Green Marble in Wall Cladding Applications

Green marbles have mesmerizing impacts on the onlookers when applied on the walls. The different types of green marbles have different kinds of aura and soothing effects. Therefore, you must select those for wall cladding applications in different spaces.

If you apply green marbles in a living room like critical spaces and clad a portion of the wall along with other decorative options, green marbles will prove eye-grabbing applications.

Similarly, light to dark varieties of green marbles on walls of the bedroom augments the cooling impacts while you are waiting for deep sleep.
Green marbles have various patterns thanks to veins, background, and spots. You can easily create an abstract design by arranging green marble slabs or tiles on the walls of your living spaces and get dazzling impacts in your interior decoration.

Green Marble in Wet Places Applications

Green marbles are an excellent choice even for wet places like the bathroom and toilets.
Dark-colored walls with green marbles, particularly dark green and empress green varieties enhance the ambiance of your luxurious baths.
Match floors, cabinet tops, and bathtub surfaces with green marble applications. It will lift your mood and bathing experiences to new highs.

By applying different finishing on green marble surfaces, you can create a bit of coarse and non-slippery spaces under the foot for your wet places.

Superior finishing and coating improve reflections and brightness of the walls with polished green marble varieties.

Green Marble in Stairs Applications

Green marble in staircase designing is the right choice when you want stunning stairs in your home or office. Green marbles are accepting different kinds of polishing easily compared to other marbles. Therefore, treads and risers with green marble slabs are favorite in the modern stair constructions.

If you think the entire staircase with green marble, you can jump on the same slabs or tiles on wall cladding besides treads & risers in your stair spaces. Green marble makes maintenance of highly used spaces like stairs in your buildings. Simple sweeping and washing with plain water bring lust and shining back.

Exterior Applications of Green Marble

Polished green marbles may prove victims of harsh conditions when applied outdoor spaces. Those can start looking matte, stained, dirty, and dull due to weathering, dust, direct sunlight, and overt use. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate grades of polishing and properties of different green marble varieties. Let’s check where we can apply green marbles on exterior places.

Green Marble in Patio Applications

Green marble in patio construction is not a new idea. Thanks to advanced polishing, coating, and sealing technologies, today we can easily go for patio paving applications using a suitable match of green marble varieties.

Outdoor decks, backyard patios, and garden patios are the right places to apply different varieties of green marble, which may be fitting in your design and pattern of architectural design as a whole.

The patio is mainly backyard facing space while the porch is a front door facing the place where we can spend a lot of time.

Therefore, green marbles are proving the right choice for porch floors and wall cladding. The greenery around your patios and porches is creating synergy when you apply green marble varieties of the right choice.

Homogenous green marble types like light green, emerald green, and Jade green are giving plain impacts whereas forest green, dark green, and rainforest green types are for contrasting effects with patterns.

Green Marble in Garden Applications

Green marble in a green garden seems the best match for visual synergy. Green marble comes in different shades of green color. It allows us to match or contrast in your garden.
You can create a fountain, handheld showerhead for garden cleaning or water feature get a place for relaxation, and cool the eyes and minds of your guests/visitors.

Similarly, you can use green marble in the creation of the coffee table and traditional seats simulating the pieces of tree trunks.

Another application of green marble slabs is used as stepping stones and create completely natural-looking paths to move in the garden.

Green Marble for Curbing Applications

Apart from, rainforest green marble, other colored varieties leave different curbing effects and win the hearts of your guests, particularly, who come the first time. Rainforest green marble is a non-foliated type of variety, so it proves a sturdy choice for the exterior faces of your home.
Brown colored veins of rainforest green marbles are intersecting each other delicately and improve the overall appearance of the entrance at the front door exterior space.

Green marble color and design are durable and never fade easily despite weathering when you use those varieties in exterior spaces like outdoor wall elevation as well.

Green Marble in Swimming Pool Applications

Green marble in a swimming pool is not a new thing. When your swimming pool resides in the green garden, the bottom and sides of the swimming pool with green marbles create a seamless Aura of the entire greenery.

If you don’t like to make everything green, you have rainforest green marble that provides you a brown hue when you apply those slabs on the swimming pool deck and surroundings.
You can alter polishing choice and prefer medium quality so; your green marble pieces would have a bit coarse surface that garners non-slip properties to withstand in constantly wetting areas. It makes walking easy, safe, and gracious!

Other Applications of Green Marble

Apart from these applications of green marble in interior and exterior spaces, there is room for other applications. Let’s see one or two examples of it.

Green Marble in Sculpture & Artifacts

Marbles are a kind of limestone, so they are soft to carve in desired shapes. Other properties of marble are relative isotropy and homogeneity, as well as relative resistance to shattering. These all make the marble a suitable candidate for material for carving sculptures of any size.

The most interesting thing is its low index of refraction due to calcites. Therefore, light rays can penetrate several millimeters into the mass of marble before reflecting or scattering out. It provides a waxy look and renders the sculpture live. Green marbles are ideal candidates thanks to their hardness to accepting polishing and shining brighter compared to other varieties of marbles.

Wrapping It Up

In the series of getting accustomed to natural stones at World of Stones, USA, today we have explored some amazing aspects and practical application of green marbles. Now, we know where we can apply green marbles and grab the best out of the gift of nature.

Today, World of Stones, USA is a dependable and cost-effective supplier of a variety of Green Marble and other natural stones for exterior applications. If you are in search of the same, come in contact with natural stone consultants. If you have found our series interesting, keep the reading of blogs at World of Stones continue.



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