15 Reasons to Choose Brick Paver Flooring for Your Interiors

15 Reasons to Choose Brick Paver Flooring for Your Interiors

Mar 21, 2023

When it is the matter of indoor flooring, we prefer moving around wood planks, vinyl, or tiles. We think of cement-concrete floors for all interior spaces today. We have restricted our choices for the wooden planks, mostly in the living room and bedroom. We think of ceramic or porcelain tiles for wet areas like the bathroom. The kitchen and other countertops are reserved for natural stone slabs.

We have spared bricks like rectangular building staples only for walls and other vertical elements in our construction projects. We hardly have imagined bricks under our feet while walking. Why should we consider the multi-faceted material for interior flooring? Yes, I am talking about brick pavers as an internal flooring material for your next building projects.

Everything has pros and cons, so bricks have too. Moreover, technologies worldwide are advancing, and the brick-making industry keeps pace with it well. We have explored walling bricks  in my previous blog. Where I have also discussed fundamental aspects of bricks and brick-making processes.

We know different types of material used in brick-making like natural clay, sand-lime, fly-ash, concrete, and natural rocks. So, today my prime focus is natural stone bricks because when you come to World of Stones USA, what will you find? Naturally, stones!

Of course, we use stone bricks a lot in patios, decks, driveways, paths, and garden landscaping like outdoor areas . Suppose someone advises you to apply bricks as interior flooring. In that case, your eyebrows may raise a bit and reveal tons of doubts about it. 

Now, let me explain why I should advocate natural stone bricks for interior flooring. I would like to place at least fifteen reasons for it.

Reason #1 – We Embrace an Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

Interior brick pavers are making a comeback because we used to embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Seasonal variations in many regions of the world compel us to live a few months of a year outdoor life. Suppose we are comfortable with brick pavers during our outdoor life. Why should we avoid bricks as an interior flooring material for the rest of the time?

Reason #2 – Brick Pavers Are Everywhere Available Materials for Interior Paving

Human civilization is using symmetrical bricks before 7K BC. The clay material for bricks is ubiquitous. Stone bricks are everywhere. And finally, we can create cement-concrete bricks anywhere we wish.

Clay bricks need a Kiln-fire plant, and cement-concrete bricks demand some space and experts. Still, stone bricks are in ready-to-use forms (kits) at the warehouse or factory of any natural stone supplier in your vicinity.

Reason #3 – Brick Stone Pavers Are Sturdy Material for Interior Flooring

We know natural stones have high strength and load-bearing capability. Fired clay bricks are sturdier material compared to non-fired ones. The flexural strength & other strength metrics of concrete bricks depend on the material and its proportion you use.

World of Stones USA is the destination where you can place custom stone brick orders and can find material similar in strength to other stone pavers. Sandstone, granite, and limestone are natural rocks suitable for your stone brick flooring for interior applications.

Reason #4 – Brick Paver Is Durable Material for Interior Flooring

In my previous blog on stone durability, I have mentioned a couple of metrics for durability measurement.

  • Compressive strength – C170 test
  • Flexural strength  – C880 test
  • Modulus of rupture  – C99 test
  • Water absorption – C97 test
  • Specific gravity  – C97 test
  • Abrasion resistance  – C1353 test

Natural stone bricks have passed all tests and stayed ahead in the race of other materials used to form bricks. It means splitting, crumbling, and cracking is not easy for natural stone bricks or setts, similar to bricks or blocks but differs in thickness.

Reason #5 – Brick Paver Prove Extremely Cost-Efficient Material for Interior Paving

Bricks are a relatively cheaper material in the dimension industry. The pricing of bricks ranges between $0.5 to $5 for clay bricks, while stone bricks may cost you $3-$10 depending on stone types and sizes you want in a custom order.

Bricks are lightweight material, so it cuts labor charges drastically. Still, you have to bear the costs of mason and material and time consumption in installing a brick floor area. In short, bricks are budget-friendly material. 

Reason #6 – Brick Pavers Is Easy to Maintain Material in Dimension Stone Industry

All types of bricks are easy to clean, wash, and replace.

  • You can use standard dusters or vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt on brick floors.
  • You can wash your brick floors with plain water or use standard washing detergents prescribed by your mason/supplier.
  • Stain removal is easy, with standard de-staining solutions and techniques.
  • You can apply a coating layer of standard floor surface sealants at regular intervals, like per annum or bi-annum.
  • Bricks are small units and readily available stuff for replacement. Moreover, replacement is relatively easy and affordable if you hire a mason.

Reason #7 – Brick Pavers Have an Aesthetic Appeal

Natural terra cotta clay can bring natural variations in colors and hues in clay bricks. Similarly, you can create fantastic surface texture with various natural stone finishing and coloring techniques.

Thus, brick paving has enough potential to create aesthetic appeals with different hues, styles, surface finishes, and laying patterns. Moreover, natural stone appearance is not fading quickly, and if fads gradually, it gives robust time-worn effects.

Reason #8 – Brick Paver Is Sustainable Material for Interior Flooring

  • Clay bricks are made of natural clay, shale, and kaolin. So, clay bricks are reusable and eco-friendly materials. The construction industry mostly used broken pieces of clay bricks to prepare flooring base by crushing and compacting them.
  • Natural stones are pure, sustainable material that we know well. I have discussed some significant aspects of crushed stone usages in my blog on crushed limestone.
  • Cement-concrete bricks also are sustainable and environment-friendly material.

Reason #9 – Stone Brick Pavers Are Anti-Skid When Used in Interior Paving


To make your flooring bricks anti-skid or slip-resistant, rough surfaces are mandatory. Uneven surfaces also give strong bonding when joining using materials like mortar applied during floor installation. So, anti-slip surfaces are safe to walk for you or run for your kids.

Kiln-fired clay bricks have a natural occurrence of pores. So, resulting surfaces are coarse in texture, and the same goes true for concrete-cement bricks. Natural stone bricks are also available in different finishes. You can select rough texture finishes, including Flamed, Leather, honed, and sand-blasted bricks.

Reason #10 – Natural Stone Brick Pavers Offer Design Flexibility in Interior Flooring


 Suppose you are a fan of natural stones and wish to bring innovation in the interior design with different flooring. Natural stone bricks offer you immense freedom and design options to choose from.

Different shades of natural stone bricks are available at World of Stones USA. You can bring variations in grouts, sizes, and surface textures with our stone bricks.

Reason #11 – Stone Brick Paver Can Match Interior Design Theme

We are accustomed to brick walling well. Suppose we apply flooring bricks and brick walls, the thematic appearance becomes alluring and the overall aesthetic becomes appealing. 

Terra cotta clay bricks are highly used and robust material to bring different hues in the original brick colors. With the additions of colors, you can prepare a custom order for your design theme with brick flooring along with walling.

Reason #12 –Brick Paver Is Weatherproof Material for Interior Flooring

Clay bricks have natural pores and cavities that protect our brick-floors from heat and cold temperature in the air and beneath the ground surfaces. 

Similarly, stone & cement-concrete bricks save us from extreme heat and cold soil & air environments. You can use clay bricks and stone bricks in different wet areas of your interior with proper sealants.

Reason #13 –Brick Paver Is Waterproof Material for Interior Flooring

We have seen stone bricks have a low water absorption rate. Thus, it protects your interior from humidity from the soils under the ground. In contrast, clay bricks are porous material, but surface sealing with proper sealant solution renders it waterproof.

Reason #14 – Brick Paver Is Fireproof Material for Interior Flooring

We know the clay brick manufacturing process well. Kiln-fired bricks receive too high temperatures around 1K-Degree Celsius. It means they have built-in fireproof property. The same goes valid with natural stone bricks and cement-concrete bricks.

Reason #15 – Brick Pavers Offer Laying Pattern Design Flexibility in Interior Flooring

In my previous blog on paver patterns, I described runner bonds, herringbone, random, staller, basketweave, and different modular patterns.

Stone bricks are also available in stunning surface textures. It means you can apply any suitable laying pattern with adequate freedom in floor design.

World of Stones USA offers various colors, styles, and patterns in ready to use kits.

Who will be your stone brick supplier?

We can get a big list of clay brick manufacturers and suppliers, but finding high-quality stone bricks within your budget constraints is daunting. World of Stones USA has eased the supply of stone bricks by establishing a vast distributor network across the nation. You can get home delivery of your custom stone brick orders online or with your mobiles.


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