8 Modern Uses of Natural Stones in Architecture in 2021

8 Modern Uses of Natural Stones in Architecture in 2021

Mar 21, 2023

When architects are heading to write a new design story, they use it to break the existing design language into its components. They again reassemble those components to form a new and innovative design story.

So, today I’ll introduce you to a couple of modern architectural design stories, which were created from tweaking the natural stones, and have the potential to remain viable even in 2021 and further.

Natural Stone Furniture

When an architect is going to speak the clean lines of the home, he/she may match all components in terms of colors, styles, and even materials. When natural stone is one of the predominant materials used for house construction, why should we spare furniture like accessories out?

Interior Furniture

Natural stone lends an organic connection to the earth. If we use natural stone pavers  for interior flooring, walling, etc., stone furniture is a possibility to match the design language.

With the help of a steel framework, we can create stone chairs, tables, and sculptures to create stunning interior decoration items with adequate utility in all. Such furniture and décor pieces connect the entire microenvironment with nature and home design subtly. You will walk, seat, touch, and see blessings of Mother Nature in different forms of natural stones.

Exterior Seaters

Suppose you wish to avoid mixing any material other than stone, I have presented a real-life example of outdoor seaters. It is solely stone material crafted carefully in the shapes of tables and chairs.

Stone color, finishes, and overall appearance seamlessly matching with the outdoor macro environment.

Natural Stone Internal Flooring 

Stone brings the colors & texture of nature to our homes when applying as a flooring material. Stone lets our skins get a direct touch of earthly feelings when we take a barefooted walk on a stone floor with natural finishes. It is because natural stone comes out of Mother Earth with wild variations that we see in our natural surroundings.

Public Places with Semi-honed Finishes

Slate is a commonly encountered natural stone find in flooring. Moreover, it provides anti-skid surfaces with natural cleft and honed finishes, which remains the best choice for public places as a suitable and affordable flooring material.

World of Stones USA  is a hub to get a variety of natural stone pavers for internal and external flooring. You will have enough scope to design your floors in different colors, patterns, and styles.

Home Interior Flooring with Inlay Design

In the ancient era, Kings, Caesars, and other rich folks used marble stones under their feet and robbed natural energy out of them. Yes, marbles are cool to touch and even see. You hardly find such rich natural textures, colors, grains, and veins in other kinds of natural stone than the marbles have.

Fortunately, World of Stones USA has amazing craftsmanship that can deliver stunning designs made of different materials as always with prolonged lifespan and retention against weathering impacts. The above image reveals MOP inlay while the below one is Venatino with limestone  inlay.

Such floor designs under the foot are stunning and grab eyes immediately when used in living rooms or bedrooms.

Wall Covering

Stones are undoubtedly, incredibly, strong material that lasts forever. That’s why ancient structures made of stones are still standing and amaze us. Apart from the floor, stones are also used as a wall covering material in modern design when walls are either made of RCC or brick structure.

Black Marble with Silver Décor 

After looking at the stunning photo above, you may feel that you stand in front of an exotic place. Indeed. It is! As it is made of black marbles with silver décor. The entire design is simple yet stunning.

Creeper design in an adjoining structure made is more outstanding than it used to be. Heavy lighting & its reflection makes the design mesmerizing. You can place such crafted walling stones on focal walls in your interior living areas like the entryway, drawing room, and bedroom.

Beige Marble Crafting

Another alluring design crafted on beige marbles by experts at World of Stones USA. They have carved beautiful flowers embossing out from marble pieces. Sober beige made its look-n-feel cool.

You can mark your entrance by fitting such stone crafts on approaching walls. If such a craft is placed on your bedroom wall, it may cool your mind and let you fall asleep instantly.

Stone Stripped Exterior Cladding

Stone stripped walls give a rectilinear definition to your exterior. Damn natural simulation taking place with embedded natural colors, grains, and veins in the natural state.

Fire Feature

Once upon a time, fire feature was enjoying a high status in the home buyers’ wish list by being a must-have item. However, still, it has retained some, thanks to the latest inventions in fuel & burning technological advancements.

Modern architects have designed this functional element so beautifully that it blurs the line between architecture and art! Let’s check some examples on it, so you can get an innovative idea to apply in your next redesigning or the new project.

Interior Fireplace

We can create sculptural, amazingly beautiful, and something like works of art using natural stone in fireplace surrounds. Apart from beautifying the interior of your home, natural stones offer many advantages, which are worth counting.

We cordially invite you to our stone yard at World of Stones USA, Maryland to find the right choice from our different stone collections right from stripped cladding to stone tiles and large stone slabs engraved or embossed with creative designs.

Exterior Fire Pit

For people who are fond of s’mores & parties, your outdoor fire pit is a great place to hang. Besides giving you a warm and cozy environment, an outdoor fire pit becomes the focal point as people love to gather around the fire inherently.

In contrast to the fireplace, creating a firepit on a DIY basis is a possibility. You can make your order online to World of Stones USA and get delivery of stone pieces in the right dimension and required instruction to follow without calling a stonemason! You can apply the same fuel options to the firepit that is possible with a fireplace within your home.

Office Décor 

Recently, COVID-19 has led us to adapt to a work-from-home lifestyle. It has inspired millions of people to create infrastructure for the work-from-home role. As dedicated separate offices, the office attached to your home also demands a professional environment.

So, a designer has to décor the office keeping profession of the client in mind. Let’s see how natural stones can add value to office décor.

Office Décor with Mosaic Stone Wall

Creating a mosaic design on stone-like rough-n-tough material itself is a challenge. Stone experts at World of Stones USA have taken the same as a matter of pride. Thereby, you can see a rich collection of different mosaic patterns, colors, and styles.

Out of those, the mosaic stone wall is the best pick to décor your office with a long-lasting element and allows you to turn back your home office into an integrated space in your home whenever you wish to shift its utility.

Stone Screen

When an architect designs a pool, shower, or hot tub in the external space of your home, some level of privacy becomes the top priority. However, a partition wall can completely block off the outdoor element from adjacent open space, particularly in the case of a large landscape.

If total concealment is prohibited in the architectural design, a semi-transparent screen is an acceptable remedy. Of course, stone screens have several obvious advantages over metal or wooden screens. Let’s see what designs are possible with stone screens at World of Stones USA.

Screen Wall

By seeing the photo, you might have perceived the screens made of woods or metals, but it is not. We have stones available to mimic woods or metals to some extent.

Of course, crafting an intricate design like this is a challenge for stone experts, but it is a solid reality at World of Stones USA!

Moreover, stone screens are safe to place anywhere exterior or interior areas without any fear of weathering impacts.

Natural Stone Outdoor Patio

A patio anchors an outdoor space and allows you to live an outdoor life accomplishing a variety of activities, including eating, relaxing, & entertainment. In short, a patio could be an extension of your indoor living in outdoor spaces.

A patio with natural stones is a tradition, and it still remains alive in the modern age of a variety of construction materials prevailing in the market.

Undoubtedly, an architect can consider stone as ubiquitous material for all elements of an outdoor patio such as stone pavers, stone walls, stone kitchen cabinets, stone countertops, and stone seaters.

Stone patio pavers inventory is rich at World of Stones USA and you have the freedom to choose colors, patterns, and dimensions to do your experiments and gain an excellent user experience out of all.

You can go for stacked stone walls, stone wall covering, and stone countertops with an appealing appearance and durability.

Natural Stone Sculpture

Placing a sculpture in your landscape is a luxury for many and getting stone sculptures with a minute design always remains the rare thing.

Stone sculptures establish your connection with nature easily and retain their charms even for centuries.

Some stones are soft and easy to carve minute designs while some are soft and allow everything that lives in your imagination. Limestones like travertine and some sandstone varieties are giving the best material to create monuments and large sculptures that you can find in historical places.

It is true that everyone cannot afford something like historical monuments or sculptures, but marble fountains like everyday elements are possible with the consultation of World of Stones USA.

You can create a focal point by placing a marble fountain in your garden or outdoor landscape. Now, installing a small or large fountain in the outdoor garden is a trend, and World of Stones USA makes it affordable as well as viable for you.

So, please connect with our stone-craft experts and give us an opportunity to place the trendiest thing in your indoor and outdoor spaces.


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