Construct A Swimming Pool Using Paving Tiles

Construct A Swimming Pool Using Paving Tiles

Mar 26, 2023

A swimming pool at a resort or a luxury club or in the backyard of your home is an investment but it’s not an option to count it out due to the fear of cost. There is no best way to beat the heat than a dip in the rejuvenating swimming pool. But constructing a swimming pool is a lot more than just the swimming pool paving tiles. It’s also more of the swimming pool deck, pool coping, etc, and the pavers around the swimming pool. With the best pavers around the saltwater pool, enhance your outdoor aesthetics. One needs to focus on the outdoor pool area by using the best natural stone swimming pool pavers.

Pool decking is nothing but the surrounding or outer area or the border of a pool. This outer area could have some space for lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, patio dining sets, etc, and much more based on your budget and creativity.

Everybody’s choice differs when choosing the materials for the swimming pool deck. Some may like rustic stones, while some may like contemporary looks and stones. Few architects and builders mention that black and grey have been the most opted choice for many years while creating a backyard pool. Recent trends show that homeowners are moving towards the earthy tones which have always been in style for many years too.

Most popular Swimming Pool Deck Materials

1. Natural Stone Outdoor Pool Area

The beauty of natural stone lies in its versatility to create any look you desire. Natural stone can add richness and that right texture one dreams to have in their home or outdoor project. Popular materials in natural stone are travertine, slate, limestone, sandstone, granite, and flagstone. These natural stone swimming pools with pavers look pleasing and eye-catching.

2. Wooden Outdoor Pool Area

Wood is a good choice to feel wonderful underfoot. But not all types of wood are suitable for pool decking. It’s a great material choice for building staircases and decks around above-ground pools. However, it requires the application of a sealant for protection and requires meticulous attention.

3. Concrete Outdoor Pool Area

The poured concrete slab is the most preferred choice for pool decking because of its durability and water-resistant feature. Having the non-slippery feature allows swimmers to walk barefoot. The disadvantage of poured concrete is that it has limited design choices.

4. Brick Outdoor Pool Area

Brick pavers come in a multitude of colors and are a great addition to any house. They are durable and weather resistant and the color does not fade with time. Though it gives a sophisticated look, the disadvantage lies in the cost and the installation. Installation of bricks is a time taking process. If your pool sits in direct sunlight, bricks may not be a good option for retaining heat and gets quite hot underfoot.

5. Cement Pool Pavers

Cement pool pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cement pavers come in grey and earthen tones. While it can be taken as a DIY project, the disadvantage lies in the installation process. If they are not installed correctly over an excavated bed of sand or gravel, cement pavers can sink.

Best Pavers Around a Saltwater Pool

Going Au Naturel!

We’re all familiar with the beauty of natural stones. When natural stones are used as pavers around the swimming pool, it’s eye candy for sure. Since ancient times, limestone, marble, and travertine have been the favorite of pool builders as pool building materials. Whether mirroring beautiful nature or dreaming to have a contemporary themed swimming pool, natural stone is the most viable and versatile material available and by far the best pavers around a saltwater pool.

Benefits of Natural Stone in Swimming Pool Pavers Tiles

  • Waterproof – With the swimming pool being the highest damp area, the outer pool deck area needs to be waterproof.
  • Sturdy – While compared to other materials, natural stones have the highest flexural strength. Deck surfaces demand safe walks and safe dives into the water. And thus, strong and sturdy natural stone material should be used in the construction of a swimming pool
  • Durable – Natural stones have long been known to be long-lasting and less time-worn effects.
  • Heat resistance – Heat is known to damage the construction. Natural stones enable barefoot walking even in hot temperature regions.
  • Easy maintenance – Washing detergent suffices the need when it comes to cleaning natural stones. Spills and stains become easy to remove.
  • Go Original – At World of Stones, USA, get ample varieties in natural stone when it comes to pavers around the swimming pool. Get unlimited color palettes to create an exquisite look in your outdoor area.

Let’s take a sneak peek into some popular natural stone types one you can opt for depending on the usage of the pool and the property’s architectural style.

  • Travertine – Travertine has a unique look as it is mostly found in cream, tan and rusted colors. The colors merge flawlessly with the landscape and architecture, making it the most preferred and a rising stone for the housing industry. Travertine is slip-resistant and can stand up to high temperatures giving a cool feel throughout.
  • Limestone – For pavers around a swimming pool, limestone proves as an old-world charm. It comes in grainy patterns and proves excellent for durability and maintenance.
  • Sandstone – Sandstones come with plenty of grains and veins and have variations in color shades. The light brown shade gives a feeling of walking on a beach on a sunny day.
    It has a slip-free surface feature and is long-lasting
  • Flagstone – Flagstone is durable, heat resistant, and scratch resistant. It requires specialized craftsmanship and installation. Flagstone is best for an indoor or a shaded pool.
  • Slate – Slatestone has been in use for many centuries. It is known to provide anti-skid and texture property giving space for a custom design for an aesthetic appeal. Slate needs to be installed either directly on grass or dirt or the sand.

And the list continues for the types of natural stone used as pavers around swimming pools.

Wrap Up!

Amidst the pandemic, it’s time to enjoy the outdoor spaces in your house. With World of Stones USA, it’s time to create a stunning pool where friends and family can feel safe and comfortable while diving for many years to come.
For those of you who are planning a pool for your current home, consider buying 100% authentic and reliable natural stone tiles from World of Stones, USA with assured high-quality delivery and excellent post-sales services.


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