10 Types of Natural Stone Decking for Your Swimming Pool

10 Types of Natural Stone Decking for Your Swimming Pool

Mar 26, 2023

The Northern Hemisphere is approaching summer at snail pace somewhere while like a tornado in most regions. The thermometer bar is getting up-n-up week-by-week. Sweltering heat pushes people to prefer outdoor living. The outdoor pool patios, garden swimming pool decks, and backyard pool decks are favorite choices to spend summer days in most of the States. 

We Love Spending Hot Days on Swimming Pool Deck.

  • Swimming pool water exerts cooling impacts on ambiance by water evaporation and absorbing heat directly in the surroundings.
  • Swimming pools let you frequently dive in cool water to cool your body saving from heat impacts.
  • Swimming water pool decks provide you great opportunities to place lounge chairs to lay down in your leisure moments. You can get great healing from the stresses by relaxing your mind while staring at pool water. The cooling ripples are emerging, whether from the water feature inputs or wind blowing on the surface of the water in the pool.

Now, we are going to spend a big portion of our summertime on the pool deck. It makes sense to know about pool decking construction to make it meaningful before spending a big fortune on the pool deck construction or renovation projects.

Structurally, the swimming pool design consists of three major design elements:

  1. Water pool with a waterproof bottom and side walls plus water input, filtering, and drainage system behind the curtain!
  2. Pool coping is a cap around the edges of the pool at the water pool/storage side. We have already learned about the pool coping previously.
  3. The swimming pool deck is an essential utility to carry a variety of activities on it.

It means the beauty and utility of a swimming pool is in the design, material, and planning of the pool deck. Let’s check everything one-by-one basis.

Pool Deck Planning:

In the planning, we have to figure out the footprint area for an in-ground pool. The standard formula for calculating the Base Wide in the USA is adding eight (8) feet each-side (Width & Length) of the pool. 

Keep in mind that the minimum pool deck width is four (4) feet and the maximum could be the size of your yard area. The on-the-ground pool needs up to one- or two-feet deck width only because the utility area is on the ground.

It can give you sufficient space for walking around, as well as take a start to jump into the pool. Moreover, you can place lounge chairs and tables to enjoy your leisure, accomplish a breakfast, or even a mini party with friends or family, and when the patio paving area is attached to the pool area seamlessly. 

Pool Deck Materials:

Today, we have multiple options to choose the material for pool deck construction. Natural options like wood, bricks, and stones. Synthetic materials are impervious porcelain tiles, RCC slabs & pavers, including blocks & bricks, and artificial turf. 

Of course, woods are a cheaper option, but not long-lasting one and tough to maintain in always wet spaces. A mix of cement-concrete and stone aggregates have several disadvantages. Synthetic material like porcelain tiles are a delicate option and have low-aesthetic values against natural stones and woods of high-quality sources.

What Is the Best Option for Decking Material?

My vote would be to the natural stones. Do you know why I cling on it?

I already described the benefits of natural stones in the swimming pool, and here is a brief excerpt from it.

“Natural stones are waterproof, sturdy, durable, heat & frost resistant, and slip-resistant (with antiskid surface finishes) material for pool decking.”

“Natural stones are stunningly beautiful with plenty of design & color options. Stones are sustainable products and easy to clean, maintain, and replace material for swimming pool decking.”

With these insights about the natural stone selection in swimming pool decking, let me introduce you to the different types of natural stones used in the construction of swimming pool deck in the USA and around the world.

1 – Travertine Natural Stone Decking

Despite being one of the members of the limestone family, Travertine altogether differs in many properties. The formation process of Travertine takes place in high-temperature geothermal waters, which is mostly found around the geysers and hot springs. The unique following properties of Travertine rendered it the best choice for swimming pool decking material, such as:

  • Travertine is heat resistant, and light-colored stones are more due to the high refection rate for sunrays.
  • Due to high porosity, it passes the hot air beneath and cool air upward the top surfaces. It means your skin in the palms of your legs won’t burn in the summer month and vice versa in winter months.
  • High porosity also allows high absorption of water and resists the algae or mold formation to make slippery. If you choose antiskid surface finishing methods, you never face any falling incident after coming out from the pool water or walking on the wet surfaces on the deck.
  • Travertine has natural beauty thanks to the formation of grains, veins, fissures, and various patterns naturally found in the stones. Moreover, you have enough choice for colors and designs to create an aesthetically appealing pool deck.
  • Travertine is easy to maintain and sturdy stone types that can last for centuries if maintained well.

2 – Slate Natural Stone Swimming Pool Decking

Slatestone is in use for centuries in landscaping and outdoor applications due to its resistance to climatic adversities and solid durability. It can provide you the best texture and antiskid properties to set it as an ideal choice for swimming pools like outdoor wet areas.

Darker shades with enough variations in colors and surface patterns give you ample choices for the custom design and decoration to create an aesthetic appeal.

3 – Limestone for Natural Stone Pool Deck

When you are looking for the old-world charm in your pool decking design, Limestone is an unbeatable option to try. Being a sedimentary type of rocks, it has a grainy look and patterns with changing shades of the color. 

Limestone with anti-slip finishes proves an excellent option for durability and maintenance. It has natural abilities to withstand heat and cold like weather fluctuations.

4 – Sandstone for Natural Stone Swimming Pool Deck

Due to the explicit presence of sand/quartz particles in the Sandstone, it is a rough-n-tough hardscape for your swimming pool deck construction. Plenty of grains and veins with variations in color shades make the look-n-feel of Sandstone Pavers like a brush painted art piece.

5 – Granite Natural Stone Pavers for Swimming Pool Decking

On the Mohr scale of hardness, granite is next to Quartzite. It means pool decking with granite means a sturdy choice for deck paving. Flamed, Tumbled, or Honed like anti-slip surface finishes can make it a fantastic choice for such wet places. You get the sober look with great utility. 

6 – Quartzite Natural Stone Decking

When you strive for very reminiscent of sandy beach in your swimming pool deck design, gentle colors like light gray, beige, brown, and off-white are available in the inventory of Quartzite Natural Stones at World of Stones USA.

The most onerous rock title is entitled to Quartzite. Durability, rich texture, variety of grains and veining, and most importantly, the astounding aesthetic are among the tempting causes to select quartzite stones for your next pool decking project.

7 – Coral Stone Pool Stone Deck

Coral stone or Fossiliferous Limestone, in other words, has nature-gifted beauty. Fossils embedded during the limestone formation process yield the impressive texture and patterns for natural rocks. World of Stones USA can present you with the best color, style, and design options using the coral stone pavers for your pool decking project. Albeit, with appropriate surface treatments.

8 – Bluestone Natural Stone Pavers for Decking

If you think Bluestone as a generic type of natural stone giving rock, it is farther from the truth. We have given facts regarding the Bluestone in our post, and you can adorn its natural beauty when implementing them in your swimming pool decking projects. 

9 – Flagstone Natural Stone Pool Decking

Like Bluestone, Flagstone also is the non-generic type of natural stone type. Slate, Limestone, and locally available native rocks are getting flagstone titles when they find irregular shapes and surfaces. Thereby, flagstone is the cheapest yet sturdiest stone type choice for your outdoor paving project, including pool decking.

10 – Marble for Pool Stone Decking

Carrera white marble in the above figure is an excellent example of marble usage in the swimming pool deck construction. We usually apply Marbles in interior and sophisticated exterior projects due to the high pricing and fragile nature of marbles. Maintenance is difficult in open space and more robust in wet areas. We know Green Marbles are the appropriate choice if you look for some elegancy in your outdoor applications like pool decking.

Looking for a Huge Natural Stone Inventory for Pool Decking?

World of Stones USA is enjoying an outstanding reputation for being a leading natural stone supplier in the USA. Enough variations in the colors, styles, sizes, patterns, and shapes are available to meet your bespoke needs for various pool decking projects.

Stone suppliers and distributors can deliver your custom order at your doorsteps. You can select your stones online and fix order with us with assured high-quality delivery and excellent post-purchase services.

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