12 Tips to Create Beautiful Garden in This Spring

12 Tips to Create Beautiful Garden in This Spring

Mar 25, 2023

We are in the midst of April. It means in most regions of our planet, spring has already begun. Now gardeners are ready to get their spring garden off to a colorful start with design ideas that they incubated for the entire winter almost brooding in a confinement.

World of Stones USA welcomes the first warm breezes of spring that can refresh both gardeners and gardens. Our way of welcoming the spring is not empty words, but something solid to arouse your senses of look, tough, and fix forever.

Yes, I am not playing puzzles here, but talking about the latest additions in our vast pool of natural stone pavers, tiles, and accessories to shape your garden up for long-lasting endurance & beauty.

Let me give some time and your ears to narrate, as a natural stone consultant, how natural rocks are devoted to beautifying your garden in the current, and perhaps, in the coming springs.

Tip 1 – Buy natural stone containers to plant early spring foliage for perfect landscape design in mid & late springtimes:

Smart landscape designers always advise having planters prepare plants in advance to get early bloom and the right scenery.

Here, I have placed an example of a vintage stone flower pot full of plants, which was kept ready in early spring, and to be planted in mid or late spring on the planting beds.

Gardeners have taken care of the mix planting strategy. You can see spring flowering purple hyacinths, dwarf iris, and daffodils in a country cottage garden in rural Devon, England, UK.

I used to surround Bacopa and flowing out Creeping Jenny with Wishbone flowers and vertically extended Tulips. The combination becomes unmatched and eye-soothing if you can place these stone containers/planters beautifully on patios and decks. 

Moreover, you have room to dress up entries, façade, and minor gates in your garden by placing stone planters on the ground, on the pillar caps, retaining & partition walls, or hand on a trellis to show your creativity and sense of designing.

I can give you other ideas of different planters I have seen at World of Stones USA in Maryland. They have used the gifts of Mother Nature in the form of beautiful stones to match with the wild beauty of plants. 

The following are some of the best picks for your spring garden in 2021 and ahead.

Tip 2 – Shop the natural stone accessories to shape your flower beds creatively for spring gardening:

Spring makes vegetation colorful by giving flowers with a spectrum of colors, turning the shades of leaves, and often giving us tasty fruits. You can add more flairs to the scene by decorating ground spaces with naturally colorful river gravels.

Make your design more interesting by adding curves using stone bricks to demarking areas. Be creative in the selection of colors of all stones you lay on the ground of your garden to either create synergy, or contrast, or a theme with colors, shapes, and sizes of gravel stones.

Tip 3 – Defining the edges by purchasing natural stones in your garden to set different areas apart visually before spring blooms:

In older days, we were applying leftover stone pieces, mostly of irregular shapes, to create visual partitions among the different areas of our gardens.

Today, we have carefully cut and finished stone-setts as well as stone bricks to create landscape borders and boundaries of a few inches high.

Stone colors enable your designers to give contrast against green grass or plants besides facilitating the drainage of rainwater during a rainy season, or watering.

You don’t need special efforts for this, just order online to World of Stones USA and get pre-cut stone pieces to go the DIY way.

Tip 4 – Décor the spaces beneath the canopy of large trees with the right plants and buying colorful stone gravels & useful stone accessories to give splendid scenery in your outdoor garden for this spring:

Yes, spring is the season to prepare trees for summer and decorate your land with additional colors. You have two options to make the space beneath the canopy of the trees. The first is living plants that can sustain under the shadow of tree leaves. The second is gravel stones or stone grits come with natural colors.

Prepare a boundary using stone bricks around the tree trunk covering the entire canopy of the tree. Now, lay gravels or grits with your choice of colors and enjoy the look.

Tip 5 – Order online to bring natural stone cubes, slabs, tiles, and veneer to erect natural stone partition walls and retaining walls helping in the creation of different elevations and enhance the vertical volume of your outdoor spaces before doing anything for spring decoration:

Creating additional planting spaces is tricky and you can use stone walls that can act as retaining walls and partition walls to differential land in elevations vertically.

You can order online for stone cubes to erect stone walls with or without mortar to create planters. Stone slabs are useful as wall caps and steps to access different heights of your elevated lands.

If you are creating RCC walls or brick and mortar walls, you can use stone veneers to give it a stone look.

Tip 6 – Take the help of our natural stone consultants to give marvelous design ideas for your outdoor fences, gates, pillars, piers, and stone walls to give your spring a warmly welcome:

Imagine a rustic stone patio with stone paving covered with a stone wall that is topped with stone caps to give an additional seating area in your landscape. The entry of your stone patio is decorated with stone pillars and stone pier caps.

All in a rhythm of stone colors, textures, patterns, and styles. Moreover, the entire structure is full of lustrous grass and plants accompanied by colorful flowers. Your imagination can be a reality if you carefully plan the plant varieties for the spring season around your garden patio with fabulous stones.

Tip 7 – Buy fabulous natural stone pavers to design garden patio, paths, and driveway to greet spring with innovative landscape design ideas:

When you use robust stone pavers and other stone accessories to create a space for recreation and relaxation amongst nature in your garden.

You can see how a water feature made from different colors and sizes of rocks, stone boulders, and gravels gives us tranquility!

Colorful stone setts under the foot in your patio, as well as paths and driveway, exert a thematic appearance in your landscape.

Raised planters with stones around the tree trunk and in open space give a neat and clean look.

Tip 8 – Enlarge green areas for the current spring season in your garden by ordering stepping stones made from natural rocks:

Your open spaces are precious and covering those with straight and wide stone paths just to cross one lustrous space to another seems a wastage of land. No problem, we have a beautiful and useful solution. 

You can use stepping stones made of natural rocks, cut in irregular shapes, and rough surfaces that seem naturally be fitting in green grass. If you wish to add more colors, World of Stones USA has a range of colors to offer for stepping stones.

Tip 9 – Shop for natural stone pool coping and decking pavers to give a new look to your swimming pool and prepare it for hot days in late spring & upcoming summer: 

Summer is next door when you stay with spring. You must prepare for those hot days in advance and the swimming pool is a robust idea to cool yourself. If you wish to décor your pool deck, pool coping, and pool walls with mesmerizing patterns and colors, natural stones can give that gift.

Think of sober colors or travertine or sandstones for pool coping stones and pool deck areas. You can add a water fountain or create a water feature using natural stone boulders, pavers, slabs, and gravels in adjoining space to make your swimming pool an attractive and eye-soothing place.

Tip 10 – Appease the spring by purchasing cool to touch natural stones to create seat walls that let you take some breath of fresh air and enjoy the lustrous landscape for a while:

Strive to perch while moving in your spring garden? A low stone wall is often naturally the right height to take some deep breath for a while & start the journey again.

Compared to dry stacked stone walling, mortared stone walls give permanence to the structure. And the right type of stone caps gives a cool seating space. So, you feel free to take some fresh air besides enjoying the lustrous landscape in your surroundings.

In the image above, do you think is it a slanting driveway? Not at all, but a slanting patio demarcated with low stone walls and pillars that are doubling the utility. 

Tip 11 – Warm-up cold nights in early spring by bringing natural stone fire pit kits to build a fire feature in your outdoor space:

In early spring and some cold climatic regions of the world, nights still remain cold. It is a stone fireplace or fire pits that can save you from the chilling effects during night hours.

World of Stones USA is offering ready to use stone kits for fire pits for quick installation even without a stonemason! Permanent stone fire pits give you a scope of advanced planning of plants and planters in early spring.

Tip 12 – Take the advice of natural stone consultants to design a mesmerizing water feature in your garden:

Who can deny tranquility comes near the water? The sweet noise of falling water in a water feature wipes off all stresses within a few moments. You can take the advice of stone consultants at World of Stones USA to prepare a stunning design for a water feature in your garden.

Use large rocks, stone boulders, stone pebbles, and stone gravels to mimic the natural stream flowing in your landscape.

I hope these couple of dozen tips may give you great insights to prepare your landscape in spring using natural stone products from World of Stones USA. If you feel any confusion or need more, our stone experts are available for free of charge to give you the right consulting.



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