10 Tips to Turn Your Landscape Area with Natural Stone into Classic One

10 Tips to Turn Your Landscape Area with Natural Stone into Classic One

Mar 25, 2023

Landscape consultants, designers, and architects often face a common inquiry from their clients, mostly homeowners, and it is how to turn my landscape into a classic-looking one?

In response to this popular inquiry, World of Stones USA is going to share ten tips with you. Whatever is the scope of your project, stone elements are simply the right ingredients for your landscape and I want to tell you how in this post below. 

#1 – Tips for Gravels, Pebbles, & Boulders

Gravels, pebbles, and boulders are pure natural stone elements occurring in nature everywhere.

Usually, the peninsula of gravels, pebbles, and boulders is positioned around the plantation to keep thirsty plantings to a minimum. Asymmetrical arrangements of a mix of gravels, pebbles, and boulders often look the most natural. 

Raised planters with gravels have their own charm. You can collect gravel in a range of colors from nature itself or combine it with artificial shades & tones. Metal containers for raised planters are a convenient solution when you wish to scale them as per requirements. 

Otherwise, dig the swirling boundaries for stone bricks to segment different colors of pebble stones. Of course, the symmetrical arrangement of pebbles is needed to create stunning effects with colors and sizes.

#2 – Tips for Cottage Garden

The term cottage garden often is used to describe a garden in a limited space and mostly in urban areas where real estate is premium. And you have to utilize every inch of open space horizontally and vertically, both ways.

Sandstone walling and sandstone pavers look gorgeous at the first sight. You can place ornamental plants beside the exterior walls in planters or spare a belt for it from the patio pavers.

Having some ornamental elements like lighting fixtures and stone artifacts can turn your cottage garden into a classic one. Moreover, underground drainage has been created using stone logs. This way the landscape designer has followed the strict HQA guidelines and doesn’t allow it to deter its design at all.

Tall and curved stone planters look wonderful when placed on the edge of your small stone patio. The half-sphere shape cutting of plants in those curved planters gives it a classic look.

In-ground plantings of bright red lupines nestled among pint echinacea and white Shasta daisies create colorful hedges around your cottage garden patio. Inconspicuous flowers may serve as a backdrop for additional colorful plantings.

Delineate teak-stone patio pavers using black stone edge constraints. The gravel-filled adjacent space provides visual segments of your landscape easily. 

Different shapes and sizes of stone and clay planters create synergy with teak wood mimicking stone pavers. It can put onlookers in a dilemma of differentiating between wood and stone material.

You can use Artemisia, Santolina, and Allium to get soft foliage in your cottage garden. Creating wooden trellises can help creepers to grow vertically. 

#3 – Tips for Paving Design to Turn Your Landscape into Classic One

If you don’t want to go for a more fancy choice for your stone patio pavers, natural cleft surfaces of bluestone or locally available stone pavers could be great in your landscape.

If your budget permits, you can buy ready-to-install stone paver kits from World of Stones USA. The creation of a spinning wheel, a circular design, and getting hexagons in your landscape paving are some possibilities among the plethora of choices.

#4 – Tips for Mortar Mix Pebble Paving

We usually see loose gravels and pebbles used as fillers in landscapes, and it demands regular maintenance and additional focus to keep its charm intact. However, landscape consultants at World of Stones USA are suggesting some innovative ways to create a stunning landscape or patio paving.

Our stone pebbles come in different shades and your contractors can embed them in a mortar bed to make it a permanent design solution for you. Of course, you can enjoy a whopping selection ranging in colors and textures like midnight black, ochre yellow, seashell rose, and oyster grey.

#5 – Tips for Brick Stones

Clay bricks have been a traditional element in construction for centuries. The same goes true for stone bricks. You can differentiate siding by using granite stone bricks from the rest of sandstone or limestone bricks in the construction of walls. Today, we hardly use stone bricks as a whole, instead, stone veneers mimic the looks of bricks on precast concrete walls.

Here, stone setts are used as stone pavers in adjoining areas of the walls. Sandstone setts beautifully blend with brick walls. 

Moreover, a gravel-filled landscape offers a cohesive look to the entire landscape. 

Thus, gravels and stone setts are seamlessly blending with existing architecture, and create a classic look-n-feel. 

#6 – Tips for Subtle Lighting on Stone Elements to Glow Your Landscape

Are you a fan of lighting in your landscape? I have displayed subtle lighting highlighting different elements made of natural stones in indoor & outdoor spaces.

You can use exterior lighting to enhance the curb appeal of your home by illuminating your entire yard.  Soft glows and warm washes of lights prove much more inviting than overt brightened spotlights.

You can select warm or cool light tones as per the colors and textures of the stone elements. Use a variety of lights to cast a glow in your landscape. Different light placements, such as hanging, overhead, lanterns, pathway lights, accent lights, pendants lights, and stair lights are instances to mention here.

Lights will always augment the texture of natural stones. 

#7 – Tips for Outdoor Kitchen with Stones

Have you ever found your spouse running back & forth between the indoor kitchen and outdoor dining table on a warm afternoon? You have the scope to prevent such happenings by developing an outdoor kitchen.

My first tip on outdoor kitchen construction is to allocate enough space for essential activities, including prep, cook, clean, store, and serve.

Different types of stone could be a fabulous choice for creating an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Granite stone is an excellent choice for the kitchen countertop and cabinet tops. L-shaped kitchen counter layout can be fitting in a corner and provide visual-spatial differentiation from the rest of the paving areas.

Stone bricks or setts are the best choices as stone pavers. A circular paving layout distinguishes the dining area. Stone seat walls delineate the boundaries of the dining space.

A stone pillar on a corner with stone caps becomes a place for the lantern. You can fix an overhead umbrella in the central hole in the dining table to save from excess heat.

If you have plenty of outdoor space, you can fence some areas with iron grills to protect your kitchen and dining areas.

#8 – Tips for Child-friendly Landscape

Creating a child-friendly landscape design means meeting every need of the child besides various protective measures to save your kids from injuries and mishappening while playing around.

You can also create some space for your dog near the firepit. You can create a stone patio using square stone slabs keeping wide grouts filled up with tiny gravels.

Slates, limestones, and sandstones are good patio pavers. You can create raised planters with stones on the edges and corners of the outdoor patio. The stone fire pit is an excellent idea as World of Stones USA provides ready-to-use stone fire pit kits to go the DIY way.

#9 – Tips for Covered Cottage Outdoor Kitchen and Open Firepit

A covered cottage kitchen is a trendy idea, and it looks fantastic when you create the xeriscape made of laying stone gravels, pebbles, and boulders everywhere.

The covered cottage area provides space for dining and living the outdoor life in all weathers. You can cook while hanging out with your guest either on a dining table or the fireplace as a living space close by.

If some of your guests in the party prefer an open fire pit, here it is available in circular shape facilitated with a half circle-seat wall around the stone firepit.

Many are more inclined to go totally green and natural by using natural stones in quite raw forms. Stone cubes let you create a stacked stone seat wall around the fire pit made of the same stones. The entire scenario lets you merge in Mother Nature using stone elements in every possible way.

#10 – Tips for Stone Water Features in Your Landscape

Natural streams in a landscape or artificial water feature are common sights in an urban or rural landscape as well.

A landscape architect has numerous ways to introduce a water feature in your landscape, be it modern, traditional, or extremely natural. 

You can go with the flow by adding or preserving an existing water stream. Different sizes of stone rocks can create small to large waterfalls within your natural or artificial water stream.

Gravels create a clean and permeable bottom in the stream besides saving soil erosion beneath the stream. Water plants within and soil plants on the edges of the stream make the scene glorious and look extremely classic.

If you are not able to create a big water feature, water urns can create mesmerizing views in your backyard. The peaceful sound of falling water on the stone sculptures and stone urns can help your mind relax. 

The water pond in your landscape acts as the water reservoir for the excess drained water or rainwater.

You can use natural rocks of different sizes on the edge of the water pond to mimic the natural formation of the pond. Gravels and pebbles inside the water pool and around the pond area add more flavor in the scene to be natural. 

If you wish to turn a water feature into a clean and healthy swimming pool, natural stones let you do it by providing different elements for it. You can use stone coping to create curved pool walls. Natural stone bricks or blocks are an ideal choice for a skid-free pool deck.

You can create shallow and small pool areas for children in your family and let adults swim in a deep-water pool. Placing a small bench and minor chairs in your backyard swimming pool gives you the same experience you enjoy in commercial swimming pools.

Who will provide the natural stone material to turn your landscape area into a classic one?

Definitely, the answer is World of Stones USA in Maryland. It is the hub of natural stone products for all your needs. It is the favorite online destination for lots of contractors, architects, and landscape designers to get customized orders according to bespoke requirements and fits well with all budgets.



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