Landscape Paving – Affordable Ways to Make Attractive Entryways at Home

Landscape Paving – Affordable Ways to Make Attractive Entryways at Home

Mar 25, 2023

The front of the house makes the first impression in the minds of onlookers. Driving by, we fall in love with a beautiful entryway and façade. The house instantly becomes a dream home in our imagination when the landscaping of the entryway is right and created using natural materials like stones. 

A wise landscape designer always grabs opportunities to infuse additional elements to enhance the overall appearance of the entryway. And to do so, pergolas, arbors & trellis-like elements are available within a budget.

Let’s see some real-life examples of using landscape paving and accessories mentioned above to make your entry grateful and delighted.

Pergola-driven Entryway 

If you want to turn your entryway into a ceremonial path cutting through the lawn and other landscaping spaces, pergola at regular intervals serve you multiple ways. 

Think of your entryway as a three-dimensional plane and pergola as the vertical extension of its volume. In simple words, a pergola creates a volume for your entryway and guides your visitors to get easy access to your home or designated place at another end.

The twisting of creepers on stone pergola beautifies the entire path in the natural realm. You can create trellis on one or both sides of the entry-path and make your landscape rich with voluminous greeneries.

Natural Water & Landscape Paving:

Natural water is always welcome, as it is one of the bare necessities to sustain our life. So, rains arise joyous feelings in our hearts. However, water also determines much of a house’s form to create barriers that keep water away from our living spaces.

The first step in that direction is the elevation of the first floor of a house above the surrounding land. Moreover, the same cause compels us to elevate our entry by creating steps or stairs in our landscape.

Lifted Entryway

A lifted entryway with steps is a sure-fire remedy for keeping rainwater away. Monolithic steps are age-old construction practices to keep elevation up and provide access to the entry in the house gracefully.

The use of dry-stone walling to create planters at both sides of monolithic stair offers the most natural scenario. World of Stones USA provides natural stone treads and the entire natural stone steps in standard and custom dimensions. It is also an ideal place to obtain stone for dry-stone walling.


Shrunken Entryway

Opposed to elevation, many entryways are shrunken and it happens mostly in the cases of elevated backyard or front yard. No doubt, it demands special provisions for the drainage system.

If you have plenty of space, you can design planters along with descending steps and décor the landscape with eye-soothing greeneries.

Steps Entryway for Home on Hills

Have you ever met a dramatic site like a hill house? Yes, designing a house on a plot situated on a hill is an obvious challenge to face as an architect or landscape designer. Natural stones add charm to the entire design. 

A twisted/curved stair leads us to enter the house from down to up. One-sided rail offers support to users. Natural stone treads and risers beside stone posts and piers create a series of experiences for natural stone fans. 

The effort to utilize the available space maximally seems obvious by looking at the garage door, as the garage carved within the hill and its top used as the passage and stairs to access the entry in the house. Undoubtedly, natural stones dominate the entire construction as the material and give it a classic look.

Stair Entryway

When the entryway is highly uplifted by creating a stair structure entirely from the natural stones, the scene becomes adorable. 

Recessed stone risers, shallow depth of stone treads, marvelous crafting and finishing of rail-posts & top-grills are something to give a dreamy appearance to the natural stone staircase. 

Stairs getting up first and going down with a curvature in design to enable access to a luxurious place/house where everything is made of natural stones!

Entryway with Passage 

By looking at the image it becomes difficult to predict that we are seeing whether front-entry or backyard entry. 

It is true that traditional homes in rural areas and sometimes in urban areas prefer entry from the back-side creating a passage and covered porch.

Natural stone setts are the ideal choice as paving stone landscape pavers to create a path/passage and small patio. 

The planter of different sizes décor the path and folding furniture (chair & table) and giving it a traditional look. 

Glass walls offer outdoor sightseeing besides you retaining indoor.

Entryway with Porch

Here, you will find a combination of modern and traditional designs in the creation of an entry. Exterior stone walls and a wide stone column create a curb appeal while mixing stone panel design on the walls of the entry court at both sides of the entry door.

Entryway Guided by Trellis

Paving stones as entry pavers come in different shades of colors and designs. If you prefer paving stone kits from World of Stones USA, you can create a predesigned entryway throughout from the entry gate to your front door.

Trellis made of steel pipes can act as guiding elements in your landscape design and provide support to creepers to offer shade and beauty to whoever walks through your entryway.

Entryway Guided by Landscaping Path

By covering bare dirt with mulch, you can not only weed growth but also give a tidy appearance in the span of an afternoon. 

A straight stone path makes entry court alluring. Plants, grass, and tree shadow make walking to the entryway graceful. 

Traditional entry courts made of natural stone façade, windows, and stone columns gain classic look-n-feel.

Stone borders at both sides & widened width give enough space & strength to act path also a driveway if needed.

Entryway with Open Porch

The homeowners loved gray and blue shades, bluestone landscaping pavers give your outdoor a rich look by combining with bluestone pebbles, dark mulch, and greenish tint of the water pool.

Ingress but open porch welcomes your guests with gray stone pavers. Wide stone columns in the closed court give dramatic volume to your extra-wide entry door.

Your guests can sit comfortably on the open porch and enjoy microclimate created by additional warm lights to set a mood. 

Sloped Entryway with Trellis

Lustrous greeneries have been created using steel trellis at the entry of the house. A sloped stone driveway and stone steps approaching it creates a fantastic outdoor scene. Creepers act as a curtain and cover nearly half of the open court from the top. Seat walls within the court facilitate sitting for your valuable visitors.

Marvel of Marbles in Entryway Paving

Marbles create a marvel in the entryway. Risers and treads are both made of marbles. Also, entry court pavers made of marbles. Walls in the court and entryway are made of tiles and slabs of marble.

Moreover, wide columns with marble tiles and receding mid-portion provide ample space to fix a modern wall sconce/light fixture. The planters made of the same natural stones offer a seamless appearance and space to place decorative plants in it. The path is made of granite stones.

Stepping Stone Entryway

Rounded stepping stones of different sizes and levels create a dramatic journey to your entry or an approach path to the main entryway. Carefully crafted circular stepping stones simulate wider leaves of a water plant – Lily!

It allows a barefoot walk in a grassy landscape approaching the landscaping pavers.



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