8 Ideas to Make Your Narrow Backyard Look More Spacious

8 Ideas to Make Your Narrow Backyard Look More Spacious

Mar 25, 2023

Have you ever read books of architectural discipline on the concept of “Space” or space management? I was fortunate enough to do so. They have beautifully described how we perceive the space and how we can show a really narrow space more spacious (Plausible but false) for onlookers at a certain point/s. spatial perception in short.

I don’t want to pull you in that technical jargon, but wish to give you some tips on making your backyard look more spacious with some practical changes that simply follow those rules an architect learns.

No.1 – Creating Ground Levels in Your Narrow Backyard

When we create different levels in our backyard by either adding heights like raised planters or depressing the ground like digging space for a small fire pit patio, we make our narrow backyard bigger visually.

You may have a question about how it happens. To satisfy your appetite for knowledge, I am going to reveal some fundamentals of an architect or interior design.

Now, you understood the concept of a plane which is 3D or three dimensional in a sense.

The drawing above depicts what happens when we add thickness to a plane. We can create level-up with positive addition and level-down with negative suppression.

Now let’s see the same in the real-life examples.

You can create garden space at one level and patio space at another (suppressed) level.

No.2 – Add Dividers to Make Your Narrow Backyard Big & More Useful 

Yes, retaining walls with a combination of different levels can create an amazingly beautiful landscape for you. A wise designer has used natural stones to look at retaining walls more natural and obvious among the greenery.

Partition walls at the same level enhance the utility of space by creating, path, patio, and a seat wall. 

Isn’t it interesting!

Really. It makes design complex but increases the utility of emerging spaces, thanks to partition walls and retaining walls. World of Stones USA in Maryland is the place to obtain kinda stones of all requirements and of high-quality. Would you like to visit our premises once or our distributer’s in your vicinity?

No.3 – Add Planters at Different Levels

If your home is a bit up than ground, use steps and create planters on both sides at different levels. This way it not only looks spacious but also provides an opportunity to grow flowers and plants designing vertical space.

The same could be possible in reverse conditions when the ground is up and the home entrance is in a depressed state. Using beautiful white and grey marbles, colored sandstones, and bright limestone slabs, you can draw a memorable design on the canvas of nature (soil) and plants give green sights.

No.4 – Trellis Portraits Your Backyard Spacious 

Trellis supports the climbers and shrubs. Vertical growth of vegetation means an increase in visible volume in the designer’s eye. Thus, you will get a natural solution to make your yard spacious.

During hot days, you can find shadows of extended creepers, shrubs, and trees completely suitable for exterior living.

No.5 – Pergola or Arbor Makes Backyard Larger Than Life 

Here, the shadow of a tree provides sitting around the round table while pergola at nearby space gives the feeling of the big volume of the space and makes it larger than life-size. Pergola made of natural stones accomplishes some essential functions like act as the decorative element, supportive elements for creepers, and utility element by offering a covered space in your yard.

No.6 – Creating a Focal Point 

Here, the designer has designed an eye catchy rounded natural stone patio using limestone and decorated its periphery with stone boundaries as well as natural green walls of the Henna plantation. Two narrow bifurcating paths make the patio a focal point from a top view. 

Oh! One important thing I forgot to mention here regarding the image. The yard designer has placed a wooden boundary wall made of vertical logs. If you look at it from the opposite side, it creates a focal point and makes the space larger visually.

No.7 – Retaining Walls & Steps Enlarge the Space Visually 

Retaining walls at the edge of the driveway and sides of steps create a visual division of your landscape. such visual divisions create a filling of more spaces within a space. Trellis at a side acts as a natural partition in the landscape and also adds vertical space with climbers. 

You might have noted that the driveway, retaining walls, treads & risers of steps, and a small patio, all are made of kinda natural stones!

Let me inform you that World of Stones USA is a hub of natural stone treads and patio pavers where you can get your custom order online.

No.8 – Add Curves in Yard Design 

Straight paths in a landscape sometimes look blunt and make the space narrow in looks. You can create a curved stepping stone path using natural stone pavers.

You can see one edge of the curved path decorated with flowering plants while another with stone balls adding more curves to the design! It is a xeriscape landscape made of a lot of natural stones like gravels, pebbles, boulders, and stone balls. It has plants full of succulents. 


In short, the wise use of natural stones and spatial techniques can adore your backyard further as well as make it seem bigger than reality. Natural stone experts at World of Stones USA have designers’ eyes and architectural sense to guide you perfectly. Let’s have a chat to exchange some thoughts on the fly.



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