Are you looking to replace worn-out steps or construct new steps for your property? Using natural stone steps can reliably create a more inviting entry, giving your building the touch of elegance and uniqueness. Shot-blasted, natural surface finish and various advanced edge profiles enhance the overall look of the stone step slabs. The excellent texture adds to the overall aesthetics of the patio steps in your outdoor landscape design. Our stone step slabs are slip-resistant, weatherproof and durable. World of Stones USA is the best place to buy natural stone steps of superior quality at an affordable rate. So, don’t wait and check out the collection now.

Castle Grey

Castle Grey steps eliminate the individual needs of treads and risers in the creation of patio steps.

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Sunset Buff

unset Buff steps eliminate the individual needs of treads and risers in the creation of patio steps. Sunset Buff, as its name suggests, it represents the scenario of sunset by its buff shades and tone.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Which stone is suitable for steps?

The best material for constructing steps is natural stone. They prevent slipping, allowing you to walk safely. They feature a natural finish, adding a contemporary touch to your space.

Why should I choose natural stone steps over other materials?

Natural stone steps are durable, robust, non-slippery, and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. With stone steps, not only will your outdoor area seem better overall, but the value of your property as a whole will also increase.

What are the sizes available for steps?

Currently, we are offering natural stone steps in 48” X 16” sizes. But in the future, we intend to broaden our selection of natural stone steps and provide more sizes.

How do I calculate how many stone steps I need?

Use a level string line to measure the height difference and count the number of stone steps. After that, double that number by the height of the step block you want to utilize.