Green Granite – Uses and Benefits – All Information You Need to Know

Green Granite – Uses and Benefits – All Information You Need to Know

Mar 28, 2023

Green granite is rare in nature. Green granite could be the best material in the dimension stone industry, and World of Stones USA is giving insights on green granites, its uses, and benefits. 

When customers are looking for green granite in the stone industry, the chances of misleading the buyers remain high. We already got details about Green Marbles, which are green thanks to the inclusion of serpentine. Many retailers, in particular, are presenting green marbles and green variations of soapstone as green granite. The below illustration can help you to identify each component of greenstone varieties using handy tools.

green granite

World of Stones USA wants to save its patrons from such confusions and mislabels, that can happen at any level, by giving facts about different stone types. In our consumer awareness movement on the web, we are adding one more feather in our blog, and it is about green granites. Let’s dive deep.

What Is Green Granite?

When a granite rock consists of Amazonite – KAlSi3O8, which is a green variety of feldspar, it becomes green granite. The variations in shades, grains, veins, background, and patterns found in green granite types of rocks.

Properties of Green Granite

The properties of granite rocks are almost similar in their different types. It means green granite is not much different from the generic granite rocks.

  • Compressive Strength: – 2525 kg/cm2
  • Hardness (Mohr’s Scale) – 6.5
  • Water Absorption: – 0.26%
  • Density: – 2636 kg/m3

 Sources of Green Granite

There are 635 types of green granites available from the 36 countries, including China, India, Brazil, Iran, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Norway,

Advantages of Green Granite

Green believes to be a cool color. So, green granites are helpful in the creation of serene ambiance when you decorate your living spaces with a variety of green granite applications, such as flooring, wall cladding, tabletops, countertops, cabinet tops, columns, door/window frames, and façade.

In other words, green granite is applicable in almost all interior designing applications as well as outdoor applications. 

Green being a dark shade, matches with dark as well as contrasting with light shades of the remaining ambiance. Green granite looks stunning stone with its streaks, swirls, and patches in different tints and tones.

Green granite by properties is hard and durable natural stone types. So, you can use everywhere, including kitchen countertops. Green granites are accepting various surface finishes easily and responding positively to give sparking glossy to cool anti-skid surfaces.

Different Types of Green Granite Stone

Different types of green granite stones are available from different quarries across the world. The differences are mainly in appearances like colors, grains, veins, and patterns, thanks to differences in mineralogy, not overall composition. 

Verde Marina Green Granite

Verde Marina is a trading name of Kuppam Green granite type, mainly sources from India. The background color of the Verde Marina is a mix of light gray and very light green. The lighter shed waves give it a wavy pattern. The crystals are dense and make it sturdy for any rough application like a kitchen countertop.

Tropical Green Granite 

Due to its abundant supply from the Kerala, India, the Tropical Green granite, also known as Kerala Green or Verde Kerala green granite stone in the dimension industry. The Tropical Green granite has a fascinating veiny pattern. 
The background is dark green and has maroon garnets in the pattern. The combinations of all create blue & dark gray waves throughout the mass of the stone. Thanks to its busy, overwhelming look, Tropical Green granite is becoming a choice for kitchen and cabinet countertops.

Seaweed Green Granite 

As its name suggests, it looks like seaweed in the ocean. The background color is a vibrant green in Seaweed Green granite stones. It has golden veins. The presence of red & black flacks with little beige undertone makes stone eye-catchy. Therefore, it suits the most with dark-colored wooden furniture. 

 Emerald Green Granite 

Emerald Green granite also named as Chinese Ubatuba or Emerald Pearl green granite in the market. It has a dark black background of feldspar with beautiful blue crystals of quartz and mica. Sparkling green and silver flecks of different minerals have an undertone of white and gray, making the whole appearance dazzling in your interiors.

Esmeralda Green Granite 

Costa Esmeralda Green Granite is a known green granite type from the quarries of Italy. It has a unique color and appearance thanks to soft light green background and dominant golden veins among white, light gray, and black veins. 

 Peacock Green Granite 

As its name suggests, Peacock Green granite is mimicking the appearance of the colors and patterns found in the feathers of a peacock. You can find a captivating blend of unfathomable greens, shimmering blue, and cool grays. You are highlighting gold flecks and tints of purple or pink shades catching eyes. The dark background provides the right canvas to portrait natural beauty.

Uses of Green Granite

Like other species of the granite family, green granite is applicable in indoor and outdoor, both applications. Let’s check some right now.

Green Granite Flooring

Green granite is a durable dimension stone type and with an excellent aesthetic appeal. Such qualities make green granite an auspicious candidate for the flooring in interior design and the best paving patio option for exterior applications wherever you are looking for something outstanding and appealing yet cool in look-n-feel.

Interior Flooring with Green Granite

Green granite flooring gives your interior spaces a classic and timeless look. We know granites are accepting all kinds of surface finishes. So, you can get a glossy look-n-feel in your living room and bedroom. In baths and wet places, anti-skid surface treatments make green granite floors usable and appealing.

Exterior Paving with Green Granite

With the right surface treatments, we can make green granite stones anti-slip for outdoor applications. Green granites can fit well in any theme, be it matching the theme or contrasting one.

Green Granite Kitchen 

We sought after the natural stones the most in kitchen-like high utility areas. Green granite can prove an ideal choice to make the amalgamation of natural beauty with utility. Some properties, like given below, make the best-ever selection.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heat resistant
  • High hardness
  • Low permeability
  • Acceptance of all kinds of surface finishes

Green Granite Countertop

The kitchen countertop and tabletops in the kitchen and adjoining areas are highly busy yet attention-catching areas in the kitchen design. Green granite is serving both purposes here, the serene beauty and a sturdy stone option.

Green Granite Backsplash

If you choose green granite as a backsplash stone option along with a kitchen countertop, it would be a nice matching to create a simmering aura in your kitchen even while doing boring and routine activities.

Green Granite in Building

Apart from paving and countertops, green granite has various other options to apply in your spaces.

Green Granite Stairs

Be it interior or exterior stairs, green granite would be an ideal choice to bring an aesthetic appeal.

Green Granite Tabletops

Designing the tabletops demands special care when a designer has to look after the design theme along with various utility aspects. Green granite with natural grains, veins, and pattern proves the right choice in such conditions.

Green Granite Wall Cladding

You can create a relaxed ambiance in your bath and toilet areas using cool green granite stones in wall cladding along with flooring.

Green Granite Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor stone applications always demand a durable and robust choice to stay abreast of various climatic adversities. Green granite can decorate your spaces well, along with giving you the best stone type matching the requirements.

Green Granite Monuments

In many countries, green granites are highly used in crafting monuments and tombstones. The serenity of green granite gives such applications an appropriate touch. 

Green Granite in Façade 

Façade in-home or office design becomes instrumental in creating the first impression in the mind of your guests or visitors. Green granite offers ample choices to use in the façade design.

Landscaping with Green Granite

Extensive landscaping like the garden, patio, and pool deck requires the best selection among the different types of natural stones, and green granite has a premium place when you need to choose among green stones.

Green Granite Blocks & Cobbles

Green granite remains beautiful without quick fading and weathering, thanks to being a durable type of natural stone. You can cut green granite rocks into desired shapes and sizes to show your designing creativity in landscaping.

Green Granite Pebbles & Blunders 

Green granite also pebbles available in nature and can yield during quarrying. You can decorate your outdoor spaces with green granite pebbles. A path or driveway could be a choice for it.

Green Granite Gravels 

The angular green granite gravels are becoming eye-catchy when they carefully used in outdoor decoration or landscaping. Welsh green is another name of elegant olive-green granite gravel with spackled flecks.

Green Granite Chipping

Stone aggregates are byproducts of quarrying. So, you can get an adequate supply of green granite chipping from the World of Stones USA like a dependable stone supplier. Long paths, driveways, and decorative landscaping become a possibility with an affordable yet adorable green granite option.

Where to Get Reliable Stock of the Green Granite Stones?

World of Stones USA is a reputed supplier and distributor of natural stones. The inventory of green granite is adequate here. You can get enough design options to get fantastic interior and landscaping with green granite stones.


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