Red Granite – Uses and Benefits – All Information You Need to Know

Red Granite – Uses and Benefits – All Information You Need to Know

Mar 28, 2023

We are amazed at the mesmerizing impacts of White Fantasy Granite, but today, we are going to touch a real granite that is stunning to see and energetic to use in your ambiance. It is Red Granite, a vibrant variation of Granite Rocks found in nature.

What Is Red Granite?

When a granite rock consists of potassium feldspar predominantly, it gains pink to red shades. When the K-feldspar is getting redder than pinker, it terms as Red Granite in the construction industry or dimension stone industry.

Properties of Red Granite

The properties of red granite are not much different from the generic granite rocks, and we already learned about it before.

Parameters  Values 
Average Density 2.65 to 2.75 g/cm3
Compressive Strength  Above 200 MPa
Viscosity near STP 3.1019 to 6.1019 Pa·s
Melting Temperature (at Ambient Pressure) 1215–1260 °C (2219–2300 °F)
Permeability  Primary – Poor but Secondary – Strong

Sources of Red Granite

Red Granite found across the world in more than 22 countries. China, India, Egypt, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, the USA, and Russia consist of a major portion of it.

Advantages of Red Granite

We are familiar with the pros & cons of granite. So, I am not going to repeat the same here. However, why red granite by being red, in color useful in our home decoration. Red always consider a vibrant color. So, the user of the spaces where red granites have used to feel energetic.

Moreover, red is an attention-grabbing color and becomes the focal point in spatial design if used cleverly.

It means your façade with red granite facing, wall cladding, wall paneling, column, window frame, and stairs can catch the eye from a distance and exert an aesthetic appeal. 

In the kitchen, the countertops and backsplash with red granite adorn the overall ambiance and leave high impacts on the psyche of users as well as guests visiting the first time. 

Different Types of Red Granite Stones 

Due to differences in mineralogy, red granites come with a lot of variations. Moreover, quarries in different regions are yielding peculiar types of red granite rocks. Let’s check some popular types of red granite stones available in different regions of the world. 

Peachy Red Granite

Peach red granites mostly quarried in China and known as different names in different regions and commercial brands, such as peach red, peach blossom red, the peach blossom of Gutian, Taouhua red, and so on. 

New Imperial Red Granite

New Imperial Red Granite has red as the base color. You can find semi-colored black & gray crystals in it. The blushing black, golden, blue, and white color specks make it vibrant and energetic with lively patterns.

Mungeria Red Granite

Mungeria Red granite is also known as Bruno Red or Classic Red granite stones. It is one of those antiquated stones which used for landmarks, 

Red Multicolor Granite

Red Multicolor Granite is an amalgamation of red and black shades. Red is in the background, and black is in veins and cloudy structures/shapes. Due to its impressive appearance, it is the most sought after stone type in the construction of kitchen countertops.

Lakha Red Granite

Lakha Red Granite looks plain in appearance thanks to fewer grains and veins in it. However, it is a robust and durable material for exterior applications like patios, façade, and stairs. To avoid monotony, you can combine other colors of granite in the design and enhance the overall appearance.

Ruby Red Granite

However, it is a premium version of Imperial Red granite, but the background color is more reddish with blue flower-like spikes and dark gray veins. The quarries of Ruby Red granite are predominantly found around the Jansi area of India. So, it also is colloquially known as Jhansi Red Granite besides the name North Indian Granite in the market.

Baltic Red Granite

Fundamentally, Baltic Red is akin to Baltic Brown granite type, which is more popular and used material for countertops and flooring. Baltic Red has Black & Brown background with orange to red flower shapes scattered in it. It creates alluring impacts on the onlookers.

Asian Top Granite

Asian Top is also known as North Indian granite in the market. The Asian top is belonging to Brown and Red Granite types. It has the big flicks of red or brown crystals and small white crystals in a beautiful pattern.

Uses of Red Granite

Like other types of granites, red granite has adapted well in the dimension stone industry in residential, commercial, and industrial purposes, be it interior decoration or exterior, designers favor it a lot. 

  • Due to its hardness and durability, civil engineers sought after red granite as the best dimension stone. 
  • Architects love it due to natural and adequate availability and color options to make spaces vibrant. 
  • Red granites go in matching as well as in the contrasting designs for interior and exterior designers. Let’s see some common usages of the red granites here.

Red Granite Flooring

By property, red granites are sturdy and robust material with unmatched durability and aesthetics. These characteristics make it an excellent choice when you are looking for the best option for your indoor or outdoor floorings.

Interior Flooring with Red Granite

Red granite stone accepts fast glossy surface finishing. So, designers like to add red granite flooring in their project to create a vibrant ambiance in your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and sometimes in baths and other utility areas.

Exterior Paving with Red Granite

Many varieties of red granites are highly suitable for outdoor applications after suitable surface finishes like horned, tumbles, flamed, or similar anti-skid treatments. 
Of course, choosing granite is a bit costly affair, but the return overtime is high. You can get small to big blocks or slabs in your required shapes to create patterns and bring beauty in your patio paving, walkways, paths, swimming pool decks, and façade.

Red Granite Kitchen 

Like other granites, red granite stones have maximum usage as the kitchen countertops in big to small scale projects. Affluent to middle-class people love to have red granite-like stunning dimension stones in their high-usage areas-kitchen.

Red Granite Countertop

Apart from the aesthetic appeal and fantastic look, red granite has excellent utility in the kitchen like busy areas. Easy maintenance, heat resistance, and sturdy makeup make it an excellent choice as kitchen countertops. 

Red Granite Backsplash

When the darker shades are your choice in kitchen decoration, black granite countertop and red granite backsplash are excellent selection out of the big granite inventory at World of Stones USA.

Red Granite in Building

Apart from the applications described above, other areas are available to apply red granite stones.

Red Granite Stair

Multicolor red granite stair with tread, riser, and string cool the eyes of onlookers.

Red Granite Tabletops

The seating tables in homes, offices, and shops are always demand easy to maintain and durable material. Red granites give everything needed there: the Cool and strong seating base and sparkling look matching with spaces and decoration themes with red granites. 

Red Granite Curbing

Durability characteristics of red granite stone render it as suitable material as curbing stone as well as exterior applications.

Red Granite Outdoor Furniture

Red granites accept high gloss finishes and give sparkling effects when used as indoor and outdoor furniture. No doubt, unlike marbles, craving, and crafting of red granite is tough but resulting in durable and aesthetically appealing furniture pieces.

Red Granite Monuments

In many European countries and the American States, it is custom to use red granite stones in the construction of tombs, graves, and monuments. 

Red Granite as Facing Stone

Red is a hot color and leaves the attention-grabbing impacts on the onlookers when used as the facing stone for your façade. Commercial buildings in European countries have a lot of applications of red granites, such as in exterior wall cladding, wall penal cladding, columns, and curbing. 

Landscaping with Red Granite

Granite is a siliceous type of rocks with high hardness and durability to sustain in climatic adversities. Thereby, red granites have various applications in your landscaping, including outdoor areas and gardens.

Red Granite Blocks & Cobbles

We know granite is a hard-enough rock to fragment into stone bricks, stone blocks, and stone cobbles of custom size & shape. Red granites, thanks to its variations in shades, prove the ideal material to create innovative and alluring designs in your landscape. Patios, paths, and driveways with red granite become a matter of pride.

Red Granite Pebbles & Blunders

Natural red granite pebbles and gravels are available in oceanic and freshwater deposits. These pebbles and boulders become the right stuff for artists and landscape designers. They can decorate your outdoor spaces using them creatively. 

Red Granite Chipping

Red granite aggregates are also termed as chipping. However, red granite gravels are rare in nature, but stone aggregates of desired sizes are abundant during the quarrying process.

Red granite chipping with other colored aggregates proves a distinctive decorative element.

If your area is abundant in the supply of the red granite chipping, you can lay down the entire walkway or driveway in your landscape/field or garden. It gives striking impacts when sides have lustrous green grass.

Where to Inquire for Your Next Order of Red Granite Stones?

World of Stones USA has a big network of stone suppliers and distributors across the nation. You can place your order online here. Let’s come in touch. 


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