7 Benefits of Installing Black Leathered Granite Countertops

7 Benefits of Installing Black Leathered Granite Countertops

Mar 18, 2023

Granite is the most popular material for countertops when people renovate or build a new kitchen. This natural stone offers aesthetically pleasing looks and is the most durable and hardest substance. You can find this beautiful-looking natural stone in various colors, patterns, finishes, and textures. One type of granite that has been gaining popularity over the past few years is leathered granite.

This granite offers a matte-like finish and beautifully highlights the coloring and shape of the stone. But apart from the great appearance and durability, black leathered granite countertops provide more benefits than you think. We’ve discussed all the help of this natural stone in this article below.

1. Black Leathered Granite Offers Matchless Look

When you think of renovating your house, this type of granite will help you achieve your desired results, no matter how old your space is. This natural stone offers a rustic look because of its matte finish and rough texture. This is why many homeowners prefer it as the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Without changing the overall environment of your kitchen, black granite with leathered finish can do wonders.

2. Leathered Granite Countertop is Stain Resistant

The kitchen and bathroom are the places that are used frequently. So, leathered finish granite is the material that suits both areas. It offers a stain-resistant surface making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The leathering process is what tightens the pores of the granite, which makes the surface stain-resistant. You don’t have to clean the surface regularly, as there won’t be any fingerprints and smudges on the surface.

3. Leathered Granite is Scratch and Wear Resistant

Like granite pavers, black granite provides a robust and scratch-free surface. This is one of the most significant advantages of having black-leathered granite countertops. It offers a scratch and wear-resistant surface. The best part about this natural stone is placing any hot pot or pan directly on the surface.

4. Leathered Finish Granite Offers Countless Options

You will find countless texture options when you shop for this matte-like granite. Some surfaces are smooth and ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Some offer a few rough surfaces that are ideal for outdoor requirements. You won’t find that many texture options with any other finish, which is why this matte-finish granite is gaining popularity among many homeowners.

5. Black Leathered Granite is Low-Maintenance

Like other natural stone paving, black leathered granite is low-maintenance. As we’ve already discussed, this granite is a stain-resistant material, so the chances of staining are less. This is the reason why this natural stone requires little to no maintenance.

6. Leathered Finish Bring Out the Natural Look

If you love the natural look of the granite, then black leathered finish granite would be the one for you. The leathered texture brings out the natural color and feel of the granite. So, if you want to bring a natural feel to your kitchen, leathered finish granite countertops can do the job for you.

7. Darker Colors Works Well with Leathered Finish

The leathering process tends to bring out the natural feel and colors of the granite. The darker color of the granite, including black and brown, works well with the leathered finish. However, options like beige, off-white, and white fantasy granite  won’t work well with a leathered finish.

You’ve read how black leathered granite worktops benefit your kitchen and bathroom. But do you know how the granite is leathered?

Let’s have a look at the leathering process of granite.

Leathering Process of Granite

The leathering process makes the surface rough or smooth, depending on your requirements and desires. To achieve the leathered look, a diamond-tipped brush is run over the surface of the granite. The brush is run again and again over the stone’s surface to remove all the imperfections until the desired result for the customer is achieved. Once the desired results are achieved, a professional will seal your granite slab before installation.


This was all about the benefits of leathered granite and how this finish is achieved on the stone’s surface. Black leathered finish granite is slowly gaining popularity because of its unique and natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions will help you understand this type of granite in a better way.

Q1. Is black leathered granite hard to clean?

You might find leathered granite worktops hard to clean. But you don’t have to clean and maintain them regularly. There won’t be any stains on the surface.

Q2. Is leathered finish granite expensive?

This matte-finish granite is a bit expensive compared to polished ones because of the leathering process.

Q3. Which is better, honed or leathered finish granite?

Leathered and honed granite are both durable and robust options. But with a honed finish, you might see stains on the surface of the granite.

Q4. Do you have to seal leathered granite?

If you don’t want the surface of the granite to get damaged, consider sealing it. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your stone’s surface.

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