Flagstone Patio: Unique Backyard Ideas and Installation Guide

Flagstone Patio: Unique Backyard Ideas and Installation Guide

Mar 18, 2023

The flagstone patio is among the best ways to transform your backyard into a relaxing or entertaining space. Whether you want to chill out with your friends, have a lovely time with your family, or spend quality time with someone special, flagstones provide a traditional yet modern look to your patio.

The unique texture and pattern of flagstones can turn your patio into an aesthetically pleasing space. So, if you are looking for fantastic flagstone patios ideas, this article is a perfect read. We’ve listed the best ideas to incorporate into your space. Apart from this, you will also learn the flagstone installation process for your patio.

However, one must not get confused between flagstone and other types of stones. Flagstone is a flat stone slab cut into different shapes and sizes for walkways, floors, roofs, and patios. Flagstone can be made of Sandstone, Bluestone, Quartzite, Slate, Limestone, and other types of stones.

Backyard Flagstone Patio Ideas for a Unique Look

There is much more to do with the flagstones than just laying it. You can show your creative side by implementing unique ideas with flagstones. However, if you run out of ideas, you can use our list of best flagstone patio ideas to transform your outside area.

1. Create a Flagstone Path

Flagstones can be a great alternative to stepping stones  and other materials used for pathways. You can create a beautiful path using flagstones, making your patios more inviting and contemporary. You can pair it with greenery, including extra large planters and colorful plants, or add decorative stones for a beautiful border.

2. Flagstones as Grass Block Pavers

Use flagstones as grass block pavers  to add a natural and fresh look to your patio. However, you must ensure that these pavers are appropriately maintained after laying. Otherwise, you will see irregular growth of moss, grass, and weeds. Add low-growing grass between the pavers inviting an environmentally friendly patio solution.

3. Firepit Area for a Warm Evening

One of the best backyard flagstone patio ideas is to create a beautiful firepit  area to have a relaxing and warm time in the evening. This will create a stunning gathering center for your home.

4. Flagstones Around Swimming Pool

The flagstones fit nicely around a swimming area, adding a natural feel to your space. One of the best benefits of installing flagstones around the swimming area is that it is slip resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

5. Border Your Patio with Flagstone

Not just for flooring, you can create flagstone patio borders. If laid perfectly, flagstone can turn your patio into a beautiful space. It is durable and will last for years.

How to Install Flagstone Patio

Flagstone patio installation can be done in 6 easy steps. However, it is recommended to implement dry construction if you are a do-it-yourselfer, as you can build your patio directly on the ground. On the other hand, mortared stone requires a foundation to prevent slabs from cracking. Moreover, dry construction requires a foundation if you want a durable solution. You can find the step-by-step instructions to learn how to install flagstones in your patio.

But before this, have a look at the tools and materials you need while installing the backyard flagstone patio.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Here is the list of tools and materials you’ll need:

  • Flagstone
  • 8 Stakes
  • Rake
  • Small sledgehammer
  • Long, straight 2×4 board
  • Line level
  • Compatible gravel
  • Garden Hose
  • Decomposed granite (stone dust)
  • Shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Hand tamp or plate compactor
  • Broom
  • Mason’s line
  • Fill material (as desired)

Backyard Flagstone Patio Installation Guide

There are two methods of installing flagstone on your patios. One is dry construction, and the other one uses mortared flagstone. We’ve put together a detailed installation guide to help you create an outdoor dream space of yours.

For Dry Construction

  • First, you must plan everything, including the stone size, thickness, irrigation lines, and proper drainage system. When considering the drainage system, build the surface at an angle of about 1/8″ of drop per foot.
  • Once you have planned everything, you need to dig down enough so that the 3-4″ of the packed gravel base, 1′ of leveling material, and pavers can easily be laid. So you need to dig around 6″ down.
  • Add a gravel base to keep your patio flat and support the stones. This is the flagstone patio’s foundation.
  • On top of the gravel, add 1″ of Decomposed Granite (DG). It can pack down similarly to soil because it contains both larger pieces of sand (1-2 mm in diameter) and fine dust, but it’s still simple to level out, and weeds find it challenging to thrive there.
  • Once you have correctly laid a layer of decomposed granite, start laying flagstones. First, begin laying the big flagstones and then smaller ones. The larger stones on the outside and smaller ones towards the center are recommended.

For Mortared Flagstones

  • A solid concrete base with a proper slope for drainage is all you need to lay a perfect flagstone patio.
  • Start laying each flagstone on the base using a mixture of cement, sand, and water.
  • It is recommended to use a color additive to the mortar that settles the base and grout joints between the stones.
  • Once properly laid, the flagstones on the base, you should seal them using paver sealant, as it will prevent water and snow from entering the grout joints.


Using flagstones in your patio is a great way to enhance the look, providing a more contemporary yet traditional feel. These stones are versatile, with endless patterns, colors, and textures.


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