10 Reasons Why Natural Stone Makes Your Office More Eco-Friendly

10 Reasons Why Natural Stone Makes Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Mar 28, 2023

We already have discussed a lot about homes and their interior & exterior spaces. So, today we are going to focus on office spaces.

An office is a dynamic place where we invite clients/customers and employees. In a sense, if it is not a public place, it also not a private place like home. Thereby, it is a spacious open design reflecting professional approaches. An office designer or architect has challenges to create a stylish and creative environment.

Office designers have to mingle aesthetics with branding or culture or values prevailing in the company. Therefore, the selection of colors, patterns, styles, and texture of office surfaces always follows a theme. Rampant or abstract designs have hardly any place here.

Similarly, brands and businesses are aware of other issues attached to construction. So, they always try an office to be an ideal place where norms like environment-friendliness must follow up. The modern architect is extremely choosy in the selected material used in construction estimating services and decoration.

Natural stones are strong candidates to make your office eco-friendly. Let’s check the top ten reasons, which are backing my claim regarding stones.

No.1 – Natural Stones Are Low Carbon Footprint Office Building Material

Our progress from ancient to mid to modern era of construction evident that we have increased carbon footprint in the creation of the modern construction material.

Energy Footprint in construction material

Energy Footprint

We are emitting more carbon than before in the production and usage of various construction materials.

Natural Stones Kg CO2/Ton Other Building Material Kg CO2/Ton
Sandstone 64 General Concrete 130
Granite 93 General Clay Bricks 220
Marble 112 Timber 450
Slate 232 Facing Bricks 520
Natural stones exert the lowest carbon emission. General Building Cement 830
Steel-Bar & Rod 1710
Steel-Galvanized Sheet 2820

However, awareness of the use of eco-friendly material is gaining ground. People tend to use more natural stones than before, along with another environment-friendly construction material.

No.2 – Natural Stones Are Reusable Material in Office Construction

We know stones are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting material that can stay for a century or more by keeping their usability intact.

  • After the demolition of old and historic buildings, we can reuse the same stones after reforming and refinishing with appropriate processes.
  • Stones used in paving, retaining walls, and exterior façade are highly reused material in itself.
  • Whole stones can use in the production of veneers or paving slabs.
  • Countertops are the best examples of stone reusability when used with refinishing and reshaping.
  • Broken stones can be turned into stone aggregates or sands to apply as filler material in stone paving installation.

Today, many designers and installers have expertise in the reuse of recycled stone material. The image above giving clues on how designers have used recycled stones and created beautiful designs out of the wastes.

No.3 – Natural Stones Are Sustainable Material for Office Applications

Stones are a gift of Mother Nature, so no need to go through any manufacturing process at all. What we need to get stones as a construction material is quarrying, cutting, refabricating, crafting, finishing, and packaging at manufacturer and supplier levels.

Eco-friendly Process


Eco-friendly Processes form Quarrying to Cutting & Finishing.

Bio-degradable Packaging


WOS Uses Bio-degradable Packaging.

Windmill Farm


World of Stones Has a Windmill Farm to Get Green Energy.

If we use green energy for cutting, finishing, and similar electricity-based processes, we can say we are going Green. World of Stones USA has headquartered in India where they use wind turbines to convert wind energy into electricity generation for their plants.

Moreover, they use bio-degradable wooden material, which is cheaply available as side products of horticulture in that area. Thus, the World of Stones is manufacturing and supplying Green Products to use in your offices and homes proudly.

  • Now, compared to natural stones, other manufactured and wooden materials are using hazardous chemicals in various stages of manufacturing processes.
  • Plastic like non-degradable materials has found in the packaging.
  • Papers & corrugated boxes used in packing become the cause of the destruction of precious greenery.
  • High-quality woods used in construction come with sabotage to a variety of trees in a forest fauna.

No.4 – Stones Are Aesthetically PleasingGreen Material in Office Building

Stones are aesthetically pleasing material. A naturally obtained stone has grains and veins with different colors of the background. Thus, it has natural beauty and uniqueness. Different regions of the world are giving different varieties of stones thanks to natural variations.

Aesthetically Pleasing Green Material

It means you have enough scope to select patterns and styles of your choice to show your creativity and love of natural things. Natural stones are inspiring, cool, and beautiful material to reconnect humans with nature. Stones are made from natural minerals deposited in the earth. So, stones never become the cause of allergies and prove carcinogens to trigger deadly diseases.

If you dispose of stones or pieces of stones in the earth, it will not harm Mother Earth at all and disintegrate easily.

No.5 – Natural Stones Are Low Maintenance Alternative for Your Office

Rocks are sturdy and durable inherently. Thereby, climatic impacts are low on stones. Natural stones experience the lowest breaking and cracking rates among all construction materials. You can wash stones with standard washing detergents. Stain removal is easy in most stone categories or types.

Low Maintenance

Siliceous stones are high-stain-resistant while calcareous stones have some immunity again acidic substance, but recovery is easy. With the right coating, finishes, and sealants, you can prevent stones from wear & tear effects by natural factors as well as human aspects. Replacements of stones are an easy and low-cost affair.

No.6 – Natural Stones Are Weather Friendly Material for Office

Natural rocks are almost weatherproof. It means stones never get heat rapidly. Similarly, it never becomes too cold immediately. Frost or snow cannot break or crack stones or develop fissures. Rains have low impacts on stones and protect the construction beautifully to get dampness inside. Rocks are consistent material against seasonal & climatic changes.

Weather Friendly Material

Therefore, some quartzite varieties remain cool even boiling water temperatures in the desert and used heavily in a historic building like TajMahal. Stones keep your office stable in seasonal changes means to remain cool in hot weather while staying warm in cold weather.

No.7 – Natural Stones Prove Cost-effective Material in Offices

The lifespan of the natural stones is quite longer than any other construction material in an office. The initial expenditure on the stones is high, but due to longevity and low maintenance, it proves cost-effective in the long run.

Cost-effective Material

Moreover, stones are now no more expensive material thanks to the advent of quarrying and other technologies that have made stone quickly available material in your vicinity from a supplier.

No.8 –Stones Make Offices Insect Free Against Wood Material Option

When you lay stone slabs on the floors, wall cladding with stone veneers, tables contain stones and metals, seats made from stones these all combination nearly eliminates wood and other material that supports insects, your office will remain insect-proof all times.

Other seasonal debris and pollutants may have little room to stick with your structural and decorative material. It gives a fresh look-n-feel to your office environment.

No.9 – Natural Stones Bring Flexibility in Offices

Sometimes launch hours or breakfast time triggers some interesting discussion among the team members.

Now, they need their laptops or drawing papers on the same coffee table to foster creativity. In such cases, a simple wipe off can prepare the same table into a temporary office table and allow the team to act flexibly in a workplace.

Similarly, you can turn your office into a small hall for an event or a mini business conference, and stones on the floor, walls, columns/pillars, and tabletops enable you it without additional decoration, just a wet wipe and ready.

No.10 – Natural Stones Become Matter of Pride for Offices

Natural stones always consider a luxury in a sense by being a precious and costly material. You can decorate your office entrance, waiting room, or even baths using different stones with dazzling finishing and designs sprung naturally from the material.

It proves a matter of pride for you in the industry and impresses your esteemed patrons or guests.

Who Would Be Your Office Stone Supplier?

World of Stones, USA is the best place to get high-quality stones for your office building as well as free consulting services to get the best out of your investment. You will get the best inventory for your custom requirements at highly competitive rates.



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