Infographic – Uses of Natural Stones in Different Spaces in Your Home

Infographic – Uses of Natural Stones in Different Spaces in Your Home

Mar 28, 2023

We have obvious instincts toward natural beauty. Natural stones are full of natural beauty. Thereby, we love natural stone a lot thanks to its timeless beauty. Furthermore, stones are sturdy, durable, and sustainable material in the construction industry.

Fortunately, today, natural stones are available easily and cheaper than ever. It has increased trends to use rocks in various interior and exterior applications.

The present Infographics depicts where we can use natural stones in our indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wall Cladding (Indoor/Outdoor):

The Stone wall cladding means the application of a thin layer of real stones (Stone Veneers) on walls constructed from whether brick-n-mortar or concrete-cement.
Stone veneer is a thin slice of a real rock/stone and processed further to enhance the natural beauty in it.

By property, natural stones are cool or warm and energetic to look at. It can relax us and boost our creativity by triggering various positive inspirations in our minds.

The ultimate benefits of stone wall cladding are:

  • Increase in the overall value of the property
  • Enhance the exterior appearance of façade walls or backyard patio walls.
  • Stonewall cladding provides a strong cover that insulates your property from whether extremity and gives strength & resilience to it.
  • It makes maintenance easy and provides enough scopes for styling and finishing the walls.


Swimming pool in your backyard or garden is a luxury to get personal retreat and to unwind under the Sun. Apart from other material, construction of the pool and surrounding deck area from natural stones bring stunning advantages, such as

  • The right choice of stones gives the pool deck a waterproof surface.
  • Stones are sturdy, so give strength to the construction of the pool and make it safe.
  • Rocks make pool deck long-lasting and improve aesthetics.
  • Stones are weather-resistant, so extreme heat and frost leave no impact
  • Right finishes offer slip-resistant surfaces.

Stones are the gorgeous and luxurious choice of material and allow customization to match with your theme.

Flooring & Walkways:

Giving natural feel while walking on the exterior pavers is only possible with natural stones. However, exterior stone paving comes with several distinct benefits.

  • The water absorption rate of natural rocks is significantly low. It means it can withstand well in any level of the damp
  • The coefficient of friction is high in stones, and it depends on how you have applied finishes on the surfaces. So, you can get skid-free surfaces with it.
  • Natural look-n-feel of stones gives an aesthetic appeal with its grains and veins.
  • Flooring with stones means you have durable, sturdy, and pleasing surfaces to walk.
  • Stones are weather-resistance so provide relief during extremity of weather.
  • You have enough diversity in design while using stones.
  • Despite heavy foot-print, stones exhibit low wear & tear impacts.
  • Stones are easy to maintain and repair.

Stepping Stones:

Today stepping stones for exterior applications are made from various materials, but natural stones are an unbeatable choice. What will you get when you apply stones as material in stepping stones? Let’s check it.

  • Natural stones mainly used in your garden paths, patio paths, façade paths, water streams, and other areas. It means it beautifies all.
  • Stones have the lowest water absorption rate. So, you can freely use it in any level of damp soil and even within the water pool or stream.
  • Rocks have natural coarseness and provide skid-free surfaces easily.
  • Rocks can cut into any desired shape and create beautiful designs with stepping stones for a path.
  • Stones bear hot and cold climate easily and never crake or break with temperature fluctuations.
  • Wear & tear of stones are low in comparison to other materials used in stepping stones and keep textures, patterns, and natural tone for decades or a century.
  • Maintenance is easy, and restoration is quick.


The driveway could be beautiful besides bearing the loads of moving vehicles on it. It can add something to the overall aesthetics of your property and landscape. Of course, anything else will not work here except natural stones.

Driveway with natural stones offer some advantages, such as

  • Stones have a longer lifespan than other construction materials.
  • It is almost weather-resistant material and experiences low wear & tear.
  • Stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and styles to create a theme or layout to make an addition in your landscape design.
  • It can withstand heavy rains and damp areas.
  • Right stone finishes yield non-slip surfaces for your vehicles.
  • Maintenance is easy and low in cost compared to other materials.

In Outdoor Structural Elements:

The modern homes are usually surrounded by a small to large gardens. Backyard patios and garden patios are trends nowadays.

Meanwhile, pergolas are grabbing the attention of landscape and home designers. Stone paving, trims, and pillars made from stones, columns designed with structural stones, the entire top of a pergola made from stone elements create a synergy with your stone theme. Crafted stone< cubes and veneers are usual trends in the construction of stone pergolas.

Water features like flowing small streams or a water pool with a water pit and stacked stone walls are common elements decorated with crafted stones. Stepping stones in a water feature/stream look completely natural and create an amazing aura.

Similarly, fire pits and fireplaces are dominated by stones providing natural milieu with natural beauty. The use of gravels and pebbles make sense when you replace lustrous green pasture in surroundings.

Window Sills:

Window sills with natural stones look gorgeous and give an aesthetic appeal in your home decoration. Window sills with stones have certain advantages against other construction materials. Such as,

  • The Stone window sill keeps external moisture out.
  • It retains drywall safe.
  • It holds a window frame in-place firmly.
  • Stone window sill is a durable decorative element in home construction.
  • It has a great reselling value of the property and comes within a budget.
  • It is easy to maintain and replace.

Natural Stone Water Fountain:

We see water fountains made from stones for centuries and modern advancements in stone crafting technologies have made fountain dazzling and cloying in a sense.

Marbles provide immense opportunities to create stunning sculptures at the center and periphery of large water fountains.

Retaining walls around water fountain when made with stacking stones and coping with stone slabs, it provides comfortable seating to enjoy the water droplets emerging from the fountain.

Some water features are unique, and the bowl-shaped stepping structure seems an innovative idea. Various properties of stones favor the construction of fountains and water features from the stones and exert immerging experiences with surrounded nature.


Natural stones are precious gems to decorate our different spaces, indoor and outdoor. World of Stone, USA is a place to rely on for high-quality natural stones meeting your diverse needs to augment your various outdoor places. Get a huge inventory with desired shapes, sizes, styles, patterns, colors, and crafts at a premium rate in the market.



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