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10 Benefits of Using Natural Stone Wall Cladding in 2024

Mar 27, 2023

In the early days, stones were available mainly as whole stones in the form of cubes. Therefore, the natural stone application was serving structural as well as aesthetic needs. With the advent of technologies and tools, quarrying, cutting, finishing, polishing, coating, and shipping becomes easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Thus, natural stones are no more material for the affluent class of people only. It is available and affordable for all classes of people across the world. It stands in a row of rests of building materials for quality, price, and other attributes we count while comparing material for our construction projects.

Wall cladding means to give a protective cover to the exterior as well as interior walls with natural stones is a trend everywhere in the world. The construction industry uses stone veneer, tiles, and slabs for various wall cladding applications.

When you are confused about the selection of material types for your wall cladding projects, the current post may help you to know some distinct advantages of natural stone wall cladding. Let’s start our journey to know those well and make the right selection.

No. 1 – Have a Natural Look-n-Feel with Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Stones have a natural beauty that developed over time and reflecting natural processes taken place during stone formation. Natural fading of colors, impressions of fossils, veins, grains, patterns, styles, and shades of colors making each stone piece unique from others.

Natural stones are some cool, some warm, and energetic to look at. Relaxation, creativity-boosting, and inspiration triggering are some attributes that lead us to love stones more than other materials in choice.

No. 2 – Natural Stone Wall Cladding Can Increase the Value of Property

Stones can give your property rustic and time-worn effects. The strength, durability, and versatility of natural stones on your walls, particularly, the exterior side can increase the overall value of the property immediately.

Some people love the classic look while many modern. Stones have the capabilities to provide both. It also is increasing the prices of property at a high level against the investment you made in the development or restoration process.

No. 3 – Enhance Appearance of Facade with Stone Wall Cladding

Natural stone veneer when applied to your entire exterior and particularly façade, brings out the beauty of your property and enhances the overall curb appeal.

Flagstone or a big piece of stone veneer when arranged in regular and irregular shapes, sizes, and patterns are beautifying the entrance and adjoining walls. You can change stone types and patterns for each dimension of walls of your exterior and match everything including garage walls, steps of entrance landing space, and driveway for overall appearance using suitable stones.

No. 4 – Beautify Backyard Patio Using Natural Stone Wall Cladding

You can beautify your backyard patio by creating a feature wall and use swan veneer stones for wall cladding and fix patio seating around it garner a dazzling look. Fire feature, barbeque, and cooking facilities make your guests and parties memorable.

Low garden or backyard covering walls with stacked stones gives a natural appearance and enhances the sensations as well as comfort when the right stone types, colors, and styles applied.

If you lay patio paving stones in contrasting color, patio walls, pillars, and rests of architecture made from stone veneer decorate your backyard patio and garden surrounding it.

No. 5 – Grant Property a Versatility

Unlike other construction materials, natural stones have great versatility to fit in various spaces of your home, be it exterior, terrace, patio, kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

You can spatial division using stone panels in wall cladding in the living room, patio, and terrace. You can add interest to the façade by cladding walls with different patterns and stone types. You can transform your kitchen into a triangle of rustic colors by wall cladding with different types of stones and colors along with stone paving. Play matching and contrasting games with different stones on countertops and cabinet tops in your kitchen.

No. 6 – Stone Wall Cladding Insulate Property from Weather Extremities

Rocks or stones are a natural material with lots of minerals including calcite and silicates which are ideal for beating various weather extremities.

Natural stones are heat resistant, so marbles are favorite in hot temperature climates. Slate roof tiles in extremely cold and rainy weather. Siliceous stones use heavily in wall construction and wall cladding acts as natural insulation to stop heat, cold, and humidity from passing interior spaces. Similarly, stone paving in interior and exterior spaces prohibits extreme heating, frost damages, and rainy calamities.

No. 7 – Stone Wall Cladding is Easy to Maintain

Natural stones are the sturdiest material with durability, longevity, and weather-resistant properties. Thus, stones hardly break. Stains are rare to get a permanent place on stones. Plain water can wash most of the dirt and stains easily.

Therefore, stone cleaning is easy with dusting and sweeping practices. Simple soap or detergent solutions can bring the shine back to stones. Well finished surfaces of the stone are smooth to apply various cleaning practices regularly including mechanical vacuum.

Strong wipers are enough to remove frost or snow and rainwater in exterior and interior wet prone areas. For instance, bath, toilet, and kitchen in interior places are easy to wash quickly and with the least efforts, tools, and chemicals.

Siliceous stones are acid-resistant to some extent compared to calcareous stones. So, with proper care, you can keep the beauty of stones for years to come. Restoration is easy thanks to stone tiles and slab replacement easy. It alleviates the restoration of the entire wall with wall cladding or paving due to damages on one or a few stones, just uplift those and replace new with a matching design.

No. 8 –Natural Stones for Strength & Resilient When Used in Wall Cladding

The natural stone itself is the sturdiest material used in the construction industry. Stones withstand weather calamities and wear & tear by day-to-day uses. Therefore, stones are resilient material that lasts for long with low maintenance.

Similarly, the load-bearing capacity of stone is immense and equivalent to modern RCC structural frames. Therefore, huge historical monuments are standing for centuries without collapsing over time.

It allows us to use whole stone cubes as a structural material in exterior as well as interior parts of the construction frame. Stairs, Trims, columns, and beams made up of stones are favorite materials in modern construction and widely used along with the RCC frame.

No. 9 – A Plenty of Choices for Styling & Finishing with Stone Wall Cladding

Natural stone wall cladding offers a unique and personalized touch when carefully planned and installed. For instance,

3D effects on stone wall cladding at the entrance.
A vertical linear style in wall cladding with slate stones in the living room.
The classic irregular shaped stones in wall cladding at the study corner.

Getting stone wall cladding with 3D effects, linear styles with slate stones, customized texture, and patterns to match with a TV set, and stacked stones in the wall making at exterior spaces.

No. 10 – Stones Are Universally Applicable For a Range Of Exterior & Interior Wall Cladding Applications

Stones can be applied in the space of your home or office building projects. You can apply stone wall cladding in main interior places like a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bath & toilet, and fireplace areas.

Exterior applications are numerous begins right from the facade of the entrance, patio, garden, swimming pool, pathways, and driveways.

Who Can Help You in Making Right Choice for Natural Stones in Wall Cladding Projects?

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