Natural Stones Visualizer – Best Way to See Different Styles Design for Exterior and Interior Projects

Natural Stones Visualizer – Best Way to See Different Styles Design for Exterior and Interior Projects

Mar 28, 2023

World of Stones, USA, has invested heavily in the creation of natural stone visualizer. It is with hopes to facilitate stone buyers to check different designs and styling options on virtual spaces in the visualizer. Such simulations may help our patrons to make the right selection of natural stones for exterior and interior applications. Let’s learn about our visualizer and how to use the interface.

Natural Stone Buying Experience

Have you ever visited the premises of the natural stone manufacturers, suppliers, or showrooms in your neighborhood? As a buyer, your interest might be up to seeing ready to use pieces of stone tiles or slabs, may not be in raw materials and processes.

Most of the natural stone suppliers keep large racks/stands to hold big pieces of stone slabs and tiles for better presentation to visitors. These tiles or slabs usually classified into different product categories. Thus, it enables stone shoppers to check stone textures, colors, surface finishes and sizes like basic product attributes.

Constraints in Visualizing the Stone Products

Unfortunately, racks offer little opportunity to examine only one or two pieces of the natural stone products, closely, and with touch & feel the experience. However, you cannot see the products (slabs/tiles) laid in situ conditions. For that, you must push your imagination power.

However, hardly everyone has adequate knowledge of various laying patterns, surface textures, grouting, and finishes. Thereby, when a stone salesperson or consultant describes such things verbally, the imagination of the real-world scenario becomes tough for many.

Our Honest Efforts to Overcome Constraints in Visualization

At World of Stones, Maryland, USA, we were trying with hand-drawn drawings using pen & paper, but our efforts remained restricted up to illustrating some patterns and glimpse of grouting only. The main attributes of stones were left untouched, like stone surface textures and colors.

Fortunately, with the advent of technology, today we have some visualizing software to simulate the real-world scenario on the screens of computing devices like desktops and smart mobiles. To facilitate our esteemed patrons and ease the life of sales staff, we have decided to make a substantial investment in the purchase and installation of a visualizer software.

Let me depict how our visualizer can assist you in visualizing our products/collection of natural stones with a variety of options.

What We Are Not Offering

Please Bear in Mind that our visualizer is not allowing users to upload their images/graphics at all. Moreover, it offers the superimposition of the stone layout created by the visualizer on our photos pre-set in the visualizer, not any uploaded by you.

What you will see in our visualizer is the pattern, grout style, texture, and color running across a single selection of the product. In the current post, I am going to depict only introductory explanations about how to use our visualizer at the first encounter.

How Does Our Visualizer Prove a Blessing for Stone Buyers, Contractors, and Stonemasons?

Our Visualizer Lets You Make Your Choice Among Different Natural Stone Collections

Of course, we have a range of standard products like stone tiles & slabs, porcelain, and ceramics, albeit, along with room for customization.

However, at present, in the visualizer, we have included a limited set of stone pavers used in patio construction for exterior applications and some for interior as well.

For instance,

  • Exotic Collection. It is available in Castle Grey, Imperial White, Ochre Yellow, Rainbow, and Teak textures
  • Premia Collections with hand-split & Sawn Edges.
  • Porcelain.
  • Setts.

It makes it easy for a buyer to check different textures available in a collection at a time, and even in real-life scenario along with a pattern and grout style.

Our Visualizer Lets You Make Your Choice Among Different Natural Stone Colors

For instance, when you make a selection for Red or Orange hues, you might have found a rainbow in the exotic collection, sunset buff in premia collection, and setts. Thus, real-world simulation of patterns and grouts can give a push to your decision-making process.

Our Visualizer Lets You Make Your Choice Among Different Natural Stone Finishes

Surface finishing options

  • Honed
  • Shot blasted
  • Smooth
  • Tumbled

We have included porcelain products in smooth finishing while rests of products are the bit coarse and anti-slip products for exterior and wet areas in interior spaces.

Our Visualizer Lets You Make Your Choice Among Different Natural Stone Sizes

We offer standard sizes for natural stone pavers, such as:

  • 12” X 12”
  • 12” X 24”
  • 24” X 24”
  • 24” X 36”

Project packs are somewhat similar to paver stone kits.

Layout differentiation becomes obvious when we apply different sizes in the visualizer, and you can select more than one size to do comparison shopping.

How Does the Sidebar Interface of Our Visualizer Work?

Our visualizer has a sidebar interface, which controls display on adjoining part of the user interface. The user has to tick on the box to select an attribute listed in the sidebar. The most interesting thing is once you make the selection, the remaining sections only highlight the available attributes, and unavailable ones get dimmed and non-selectable.

For instance, if we select the exotic collection in the Product Section, you can see contextual changes in the remaining sections.

Once you click on any of the collection in a big window, it leads you to the collection-specific user interface where you will find the layout and joint sections for different layout options and joint/grout related options.

How Does the Detailed Collection Interface of Our Visualizer Work?

In the layout section, you have two major options to select different paver patterns, random pattern, and stretcher or modular pattern. Like herringbone pattern, here you have options to select the degrees of laying patterns like nil (0) to oblique (+45), perpendicular (+90), and reverse oblique (-45).

Similarly, the joint section has three prime choices for the colors of the grouts (a gap between two stone pieces) and three grout/joint size options. Grey, dark grey, and brown colors while 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes.

The most interesting options are built-in pictures simulating 3D superimposition of layout and joint option in the 2D interface. It exhibits how your selected options look like in a real-world scenario. Those are five different options taken from different angles.


Try our visualizer once and learn how it can be useful for your stone buying decision-making process. We hope our visualizer definitely cuts the further interactions with our sales staff in-situ or may be able to place your order online with simple communication.


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