10 Best Designing Outdoor Kitchens with Natural Stone

10 Best Designing Outdoor Kitchens with Natural Stone

Mar 28, 2023

Do you love to throw yard parties frequently? Do you love to live outdoor during warm summers after prolonged cold winters? Does cooking out is a big part of your warm-weather milieu?

An outdoor kitchen is bringing the romance of an al fresco feast, particularly when your kitchen is equipped with all modern amenities. It can be a pivot point for backyard funs, children parties, family barbeques, and summer cocktail parties.

Everyone has a unique space allotment for outdoor living in a unique milieu and contexts. Therefore, treating each case equally may prove a kooky idea. Instead, we at World of Stones USA, are studying the space thoroughly, consider future needs, and budget for recommending types of natural stones.

We know which stone type can withstand the frost-thaw cycle and which natural rocks are heat tolerant. Your lifestyle, culture, and eating habits of your family also are detrimental factors to fix the layout of your outdoor kitchen right from the floor to walls and kitchen or cabinet tops.

We know the availability of local stones and capacities to afford exported stone varieties in your localities. Our local distributors can perfectly guide you to get natural stone material for your outdoor kitchen planning.

Here, we have presented some standard yet outstanding outdoor kitchen designing ideas using natural stones, but the final decision maker is you, and our natural stone consulting services are to help you out in the due process.

Outdoor Kitchen Matching Landscape Design

Most of the backyard or outdoor patio designs are seamlessly matching with surrounding landscape design. You can see a gravel area surrounds the natural stone slate patio.The designer has brought tremendous beauty by laying a stone path with luster green grass in between stepping stones. Brick grill framework and wood fire oven adorn with stone pieces embedded in concrete walls. The same pattern appears on the exterior wall of the backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Poolside

If swimming can arouse your appetite, an adjoining outdoor can fulfill it with hot and spicy dishes. It a small kitchen area but smartly designed to get everything handy while cooking thanks to an encircled layout. Limestone countertops and stone veneers are beautifully matching with limestone floors in the kitchen as well as on the pool deck. River rocks are used in designing water features at the end of the water pool.

Budgeted Outdoor Kitchen with River Rock Floor Design

Outdoor Kitchen

It is a minimalist design in terms of amenities, space, and even budget. Woodfire oven and grill build with stone veneer. Small retaining walls are of stacked stones and topped with stone slabs to serve duel purposes by providing seating.The floor is also rustic and classic by using river rocks cuttings. Here, everything is made of natural stones and rocks to create time-worn impacts.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Bar

Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Bar (1) (1)

In harsh weather areas, be it snowfall or burning heat, sitting for food and drink becomes impossible without a cover. The wooden pergola is the best natural material matching with natural stones as pavers and stone veneer.The natural cleft surface of the floor looks charming. Granite countertop with bullnose edges provides the best utility as a bar.

Outdoor Kitchen at Cozy Corner

Outdoor Kitchen at Cozy Corner

When your exterior kitchen is in an isolated space, it proves a cozy corner to get warmth from the surrounding nature. Flagstone provides a completely natural feel to your legs while walking barefooted. The retaining walls made from stacked stone cubes proves another touchpoint for seating amidst nature.Grill and bar also constructed from stone cubes, and granite tops garner the best utility as countertops.

Outdoor Kitchen with the Latest Amenities

outdoor kitchen with latest designHere, the outdoor chef has it all…Tandem® Modular Grid, wood-burning brick oven, charcoal-burning Big Green Egg®, butane grill, sink, and refrigerator!Everything is enveloped with natural stone veneers of Bluestone. Flooring Bluestone also matching with the rest and create a theme with granite countertops of the same hues.It is the best example of modern trends and amenities required for a luxurious party.

Outdoor Kitchen in a Curvature Design

It may seem a novelty design or an experiment, but it utilizes the spaces the best way. Retaining walls made from stacked stone in curvature provides space for kitchen apparatus.Doric column gives it a cover, and the next curve provides a countertop for eating an outdoor feast. Everything made of natural stones in dimension stones. Gray granite tops are beautifully matching.

Completely Natural Outdoor Kitchen Space

Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to be a part of nature and wish to rob sunny days out of your home space, a natural stone patio, and kitchen with the required equipment is the best way.Stone pavers, fireplace, built-in seating, and kitchen in curving unit adorned with natural beauty. Wooden covering adds more flairs in it. A thematic stone experience is waiting for you.

Outdoor Kitchen with Complete Natural Stone Design

10 Best Designing Outdoor Kitchens with Natural Stone

Granbury stone surfaces, Ubatuba granite tops, and travertine pavers are matching the entire natural stone ambiance.Herringbone pattern in travertine gives the design a Mediterranean look. A single design them running across the walls and floor, thanks to natural stones.

Outdoor Kitchen in Mediterranean Style

A pure Mediterranean-style found here — curving kitchen with Bluestone across the entire curved wall. Big size Bluestone floor in the spectrum of colors makes it more charming.

You also think about:

  • Your climate
  • Equipment you need in the kitchen
  • Open or covered space
  • Code and regulations prevailing in your areas
  • Electric supply & drainage plan
  • Maintenance & durability
  • Frequency of usage

Once you are clear in mind and budget, the stone experts at World of Stones, Maryland, are ready to assist you right from selection of stone, finding contractors in your vicinity, and guidance for maintenance throughout the lifespan of your natural stones used in exterior kitchen construction.


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