11 Unique & Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Space

11 Unique & Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Space

Mar 18, 2023

Investing your time in some simple backyard landscaping ideas to revamp your outdoor space is time. Perfect landscaping ideas and a calming environment will help inspire you to transform your outdoor space into a gorgeous hangout area. These ideas will give a pleasing look, add significant value to your home, and create a space where you can relax.

There are countless simple backyard landscaping ideas that you can incorporate into your backyard. However, we’ll here discuss some of the best ones. So, let’s check out your area’s best small backyard landscaping ideas. In just a few minutes, you will be ready with a dream space of yours.

1. Water Feature for a Beautiful Addition

Add a water feature to your list of simple backyard landscaping ideas and feel the relaxing vibe it offers. The calming and gentle splashes of water create a soothing atmosphere. Depending on your area, you can add a water feature to a backyard pond or pool, include a birdbath, or be a small, above-ground tabletop structure.

2. Extra Large Planters for a Fresh Look 

Extra large planters give your backyard a fresh and natural look. These extra large planters are used to decorate the outside area of your home that produces an eye-catching appearance. However, you must ensure these planters are durable, cost-effective, and of good quality. You need to make sure these planters get enough sunlight. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the look of your space. This is among the best and simple backyard landscaping ideas you can incorporate into your space.

3. Keep It Simple

You need to maintain the greenery and cleanliness. It’s not always necessary to decorate your area and load it with different elements and focal points. Keeping it simple can also work the best for your space. One of the best small backyard landscaping ideas is to keep your area open to allow yourself to indulge in various activities like parties, a particular time with your loved one, fun with your kids, etc.

4. Create a Living Space

If you live in an area where the climate is always warmer, you can create a living space outdoors. This is among the simple backyard landscaping ideas where you don’t have to invest much. Just show your creative side. Incorporate different elements and furniture into your backyard and cover them for protection. However, make sure you are using durable furniture and features.

5. Prevent Weed Growth

One of the biggest problems with backyard landscaping is the growth of weeds. However, you can prevent it by putting a layer of mulch. Moreover, you can use the color of mulch that perfectly sets up the surroundings of your space and create an eye-catching look. You can also use riverstones  to prevent the growth of weeds. With different shapes, sizes, and colors, these river stones add a charming look to your space.

6. Pathway for Ambling

There are various ideas for stepping stones  that you might want to consider using in your backyard. If you love to stroll around your area, this would be among the best and simple backyard landscaping ideas you can incorporate into your space. If you have enough space, consider strolling or setting up a chair to relax. The walkway becomes an inviting destination throughout the three seasons by planting perennials that bloom from spring through autumn.

7. A Lovely Time Around A Firepit

Gather around an outdoor fire pit  after night sets. Spend quality time together around the fire, stay warm while stargazing, go on a date in your garden, or sit back and watch the flames dance and flicker. Both children and adults create memories around a fire pit. A backyard fire pit will undoubtedly be used as one of the best and simple backyard landscaping ideas.

8. Think About Your Kids 

Some households must include a facility that caters to kids’ particular requirements. Kids need a separate outdoor space, whether a playground or a sandpit. Otherwise, their games could intrude on other parts of your landscaping that you want them to stay away from.

9. Think Outside The Box

Other than greenery, you should also think outside the box. If your area doesn’t get enough rain, you’ll have to think twice before planting any greenery. However, you can use natural stones, wooden planks, or anything else that doesn’t require any water and is durable. Moreover, you can place small plants for a decorative touch to your backyard that doesn’t require much water.

10. Lighting Up Your Backyard

Creative lighting design can change how you experience your backyard. People are kept secure by choosing outdoor lanterns for walkways, giving homeowners a chance to customize their outside area further. You can purchase solar lamps or strings that brighten up your backyard. This is one of the best and simple backyard landscaping ideas for your space.

11. Add a Sculpture 

Sculptures add a unique touch to your backyard. This is among those small backyard landscaping ideas where you don’t have to invest your time and money. Just add a decent-looking sculpture, and you are done transforming your backyard.


These are some of the simple backyard landscaping ideas that will surely give your space a much-needed transformation. Whether you want to provide a slight modification or give your area a whole new look, these ideas will create a dream space of yours.

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