White Fantasy Granite – All You Need to Know

White Fantasy Granite – All You Need to Know

Mar 28, 2023

White Fantasy or White Fantasy Granite is also known as other names in the industry such as Super White Quartzite, Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite, American White Marble, Super White Marble, Dolomite, and Donna Maria. It looks like marble but wears quartzite or granite.

You can see super fine edge trimming and a high degree of resemblance to marble. Super white granite has white coloration with light gray grains & veins running across the mass and surfaces.

It was primarily mined in Brazil and later on found in a different location around the world including India. The clean, crisp, and sleek beauty of white fantasy render it an excellent choice for interior and exterior application when the marble proves a softer choice than the sturdy granite.

Geology of White Fantasy Granite:

Geologically, it is quartzite rock with metamorphic in origin, not igneous as true quartzite or granite. During the metamorphic process, quartz sandstone heated in orogenic belts in the crust of Earth and turned into off white or light gray mass of rocks.

During the process, quartz minerals form grains and veins in a combination of feldspar and other minerals. It has 20-60% of percent quartz by volume and 35% of total feldspar containing Alkali feldspar predominantly.

It can get a glossy finish and offers all benefits come with granite or quartzite stones. Despite its metamorphic origin, Super White is almost similar to quartzite. The following tables of physical properties of Super White reveal it as quartzite stone!

Benefits of White Fantasy Granite:

White fantasy granite/quartzite is mostly used as kitchen countertops, tabletops, cabinet, and vanity tops in interior and exterior areas. Due to its rare availability and hence, cost, it has limited but precious applications. If we look at the advantages of white fantasy granite/quartzite used as countertops, the followings are most significant.

White Fantasy Granite – A Sturdy & Durable Option

We have thoroughly examined the physical properties of white fantasy quartzite/granite before and know some hard facts such as,

  • It is hard rock with 7-8 Moh’s scale hardness. It means it is tough to break and crack during rigorous usages.
  • It is tough to create scratches on the surface because quartzite can cut glasses and even metals with its sharp edge.
  • It has great compressive strength to bear structural, static, and live loads.
  • It has the lowest porosity and water absorption rate among other dimensional stones that make it an ideal choice for wet prone areas like kitchen, bath, and some exterior applications.
  • It hardly gets stains, so easy to clean and maintain its original appeal.
  • It has heat and cold resistance properties. It renders it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and vanity tops in wet areas.
  • It is weather-resistant thanks to its quartz and other content, so the best option for outdoor applications like patio tabletops, outdoor kitchen countertops, and exterior furniture.

White Fantasy Granite Creates Bright & Spacious Ambiance

Fantasy White stones have only two tones, off white and light gray in the background, apart from grains and veins. However, both are brighter tones compared to other darker hues. In small spaces like kitchen, bath, and washroom, white hues make an illusion of wider spaces than actual ones. Thus, white fantasy granite gives a spacious ambiance.

White Fantasy Granite Gives Gorgeous Natural Beauty

White Fantasy Granite has brilliant snow white to creamy or ivory colors, so they seem charming and inviting. Natural grains and veins are creating stunningly, beautiful, and unique patterns. Thereby, you will find an engaging and vibrant ambiance wherever you have installed White Fantasy Stones.

White Fantasy Granite Provides Great Compatibility 

We know white shades have great complementary nature and fit with almost all light to different dark colors and their hues. If you have wooden cabinetry with beige to brownish shades, off white or light gray countertops are creating contrasting effects. If your kitchen backsplash walls and windows have very light to white shades, white fantasy kitchen countertop matching with it.

White Fantasy Granite Proves Excellent for Exterior Applications.

For exterior applications, whiter shades augment the daylight further and resulting in an appealing ambiance if you have applied brighter hues everywhere. Your bright spaces seem cozy among the surrounding greenery and colorful plantations.

White Fantasy Granite Provides an Ideal Cooking Surface

Lesser susceptibility to heat/cold damage and scratches, as well as staining,  compared to other natural stone options, are establishing super white fantasy quartzite stone as an ideal cooking surface.

White Fantasy Granite Increases Home Aesthetic & Reselling Value

The dazzling appearance of white fantasy granite enhances overall aesthetics and subsequently boosts home value in the market. It is durable and lasting longer than even marbles. So it gives high reselling value to the properties even after decades.

White Fantasy Granite is Sustainable and Eco-friendly 

It is a pure natural product by natural processes. Thereby, it lacks any toxic substance to the health of users or the overall environment. It’s quarrying, cutting, finishing, and installation processes are eco-friendly. We can reuse it frequently even after years of usage, and its disintegration process results in stone aggregates, which has value in various construction and road making applications again.

Where Will You Get Right Quote?

Now, we know that white fantasy granite is a metamorphic rock in origin and can substitute marbles in appearance and textures. Moreover, it is sturdy, like quartzite or granite by properties. Thereby, it becomes an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, table, cabinet, and vanity tops.

It is World of Stones USA, which could be a perfect destination to get high-quality white fantasy granite stones at highly competitive rates. World of stone, USA has nation-wide distributors to provide you the required stock in your vicinity. Thus, you can get the benefits of a huge inventory available at your doorsteps.

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