10 Ways To Add Texture To Your Home With Natural Stone

10 Ways To Add Texture To Your Home With Natural Stone

Mar 28, 2023

Have you ever seen plain walls and floors in interior and exterior spaces? How dull those construction elements look dull despite colors painted on them? Yes, it is true that simple plain colors are not adding charms in the interior and exterior designs of residential or commercial buildings.

What you need is textures, and precisely natural texture to bring natural beauty in your internal and external milieus. It is a natural stone that possesses more than everything you need to decorate and beautify your spaces after all manufactured tiles and other materials are almost mimicking the appearance of natural stones here and there.

Let’s learn how we can use a variety of texture created by Mother Earth on the natural rocks after prolonged and intense processes, including sedimentation and metamorphism. During the natural processes, rocks get grains, veins, and a spectrum of different colors and hues that are resulting in splendid designs, patterns, and styles.

With the advent of technologies for quarrying, cutting, finishing, and sealing, we can get amazing beautiful pieces of stone to create dazzling impacts on the onlookers of your spaces in and out of your home or building. Let’s see where we can add textures using natural stone products in your building.

1. Natural Stone Texture on Interior & Exterior Floors

_Natural Stone Texture on Interior & Exterior Floors

Travertine and marbles are full of designs and patterns in unimaginative ways. It adores luxury to your extended bath space. You can see beautiful designs on the bath hall floor and a shower enclave. Same natural stones found on the retaining walls of the bathtub and surroundings of the shower room. For more, check what we had said about marbles at World of Stones, Maryland.

2. Natural Stone Texture on Interior & Exterior Walls

Natural Stone Texture on Interior

How lava rocks on the interior wall of a bathroom and exterior wall of the backyard seem vibrant and add a lot of texture in both spaces. Lava rock stone veneer can beautify your other walls with various wall cladding options. Stone veneers at World of Stones, USA is an excellent choice, check details here.

3. Natural Stone Texture on Countertops or Cabinet Tops

Natural Stone Texture on Countertops

Granites are a perfect choice for kitchen and other cabinet countertops. It has inherent natural beauty with intense grains and veins as well as sturdy and durable properties. Learn more about sparkling granite applications.

4. Natural Stone Texture on Window Sills

Window headers, jambs, and sills are significant design elements in home design. The natural stone assists in the augmentation of these design elements and grant natural beauty to it. Know the benefits of stones in window sill design.

5. Patio Paving

Patio Paving

Backyard and garden patios are the most crucial spaces to live our outdoor life. Today, various natural stone patio kits are available to decorate your exterior spaces like patios and porches by infusing different textures.

6. Swimming Pool Decks

Swimming Pool Decks

Natural stones have different kinds of finishes on the surfaces. The semi-glossy and coarse finishing give the pool deck anti-skid surfaces along with alluring texture. Here, travertine stones are giving unique texture and pattern to create an amazing layout.

7. Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall as dwarf elements in construction, but their role in utility and decoration is unbeatable. Natural stones can provide outstanding textures and patterns to make those elements enticing. Walls surrounding fire and water features in your gardens are the best candidates for your beautifying projects.

8. Natural Stone Crafts

We use varied elements in indoor and outdoor areas of homes and offices. For instance, benches and tables in the garden and pergolas in indoor/outdoor places. Natural stones are infusing outstanding textures and beauty elements in crafts and sculptures placed to decorate your spaces in the home and its surroundings.

9. Water Features & Fountains

Water Features

Water features and fountains are areas for relaxing in warm to hot seasons. Natural stones in the construction of these outdoor elements are adding more coolness to it. Marbles are the best choice to create artistic designs for fountain and water features thanks to its softness and layered translucency. Marbles have tons of different textures with fine or micro details to macro designs/patterns.

10. Stepping Stones

Steeping stones with natural stone pieces are more utility elements in your outdoor landscape than decorative features. Natural stones have natural textures and colors to contrasts with background elements like a pasture of green grass, gravels, and natural soils in your landscape. Moreover, irregular shaped stepping natural stones from World of Stones, USA provides anti-slip surfaces on stepping stones to secure your walk-in wet places and rainy days.


We are now know how to add texture to the different spaces in your home and outside it using natural stones. If you have confusion to make the right selection of natural stones for your interior or exterior places and kind of suitable textures, World of Stones, USA has a team of stone consultants to guide you in due course.


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