Deciding to buy window sills for your current construction or restoration projects? World of Stones USA is the right place to choose the best stone window sills. Available in various style and color options. Structurally, a window sill provides a solid base to the window frame. Apart from this, it acts as a distinctive decorative element from a design point of view. The most common window sills are made up of wood due to its cheap and ubiquitous presence. However, the natural stones window sills have now become the topmost choice, thanks to modern carving techniques and state-of-art technologies. Sophistication in window sill design and material impacts the design of the entire construction entity. Therefore, choose from our amazing collection of stone window sills of your choice at market competitive rates.

Castle Grey

Castle Grey sandstone is a beautiful mellow Grey-colored sandstone. It is a hard-wearing quarzitic sandstone. It exhibits consistency in both texture and color.

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Sunset Buff

Sunset Buff, as its name suggests, it represents the scenario of sunset by its buff shades and tone. It has hardly any visible pattern. So, it seems in a consistently plain in appearance at first glance.

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Sierra Blue sandstone is a hard-wearing quarzitic sandstone. It exhibits consistency in both texture and color. Its neutral light brown color with Sierra Blue shades render it extremely versatile in the swimming pool coping applications.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a window sill?

Natural stone is the best and most durable material for sills. Natural stones like sandstone, limestone, granite, etc., are robust, durable, and can resist moisture & sunlight. The best part about natural stones is that they require little to no maintenance.

What is the purpose of a Sill?

Installing a sill is primarily done to give your window a base to support the entire structure. In addition to this, sills stop water from leaking into the rooms. Sills can also be used to hold decorative items like plants.

What's the difference between a window ledge and a window sill?

A window sill, also known as a window ledge, is a shelf-like, horizontal flat piece that acts as a base and provides your window the support it wants.

What are the types of sills we provide?

We offer sandstone window sills in three colors: Castle Gery, Sierra, and Sunset Buff. The window sills we provide have a shot-blasted & brushed finish making the surface anti-skid.