Sunset Buff

Surface Finish: Suede
Edge Finish: 1 long rock faced edge along with 3 sawn edges
1 long rock faced edge along with 3 sawn edges
Size: 100 Piece Pack ( 36" X 25" )
100 Piece Pack ( 36" X 25" )
Single Piece ( 36" X 2.5" )
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal

Size Chart

Product Description
  • Sunset Buff, as its name suggests, it represents the scenario of sunset by its buff shades and tone.
  • It has hardly any visible pattern. So, it seems in a consistently plain in appearance at first glance.
  • It is a hard-wearing quarzitic sandstone and exhibits consistency in both texture and color.
  • It has shot-blasted & brushed finishes that make its surface anti-skid & a bit coarse in touch.
  • Its look-n-feel augments the appearance of the entire window by giving it an aesthetic look.
  • Its strength is a plus point in utility as window sills, which have to be load-bearing.

Natural Stone Window Sill Inventory at World of Stones USA contains different shades with unique properties & characteristics.

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