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Exterior Paving

When nature itself is an artist, human-created things are unable to defeat. The natural stones have a natural design, colors, patterns, and overall beauty. Strength, durability, and low maintenance are in the bonus that ultimately leads you to think applications of natural stones in driveways are paving. You can bring beauty to your exterior and create a signature of styles & elegance by laying natural stones carved by ‘World of Stones’ for your property. We used to offer block paving stones at public places like town halls, public parks, and government buildings.
We create stone bricks and cobblestones keeping paving circles at the front of your home or office, in your gardens, and backyard vehicle parking. Our paving stone tiles bestowed your creativity and imagination freedom by providing the required sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and grain designs. Our natural stones have the capability to withstand against harsh weathers. In boiling heat, stones keep cool. In freezing cold, it remains intact.

Classic Stone Exterior Paving Collection

The natural collection consists of Riven stones. The term “Riven” used to refer the surface of the flagstone/slate/sandstone with a natural bedding plane of the rock. Therefore, surfaces of riven stones tend to be uneven and highlight the natural origin with nature made stains and grains. Thus, natural riven stones offer stunning visual appeal mingling with vivid shades of colors and natural veining. 

River Washed collection of paving stones offers a natural split. It has somewhat rubbed surfaces, which are finished with sawn edges with clean and even finishes. Jak Rustic collection of river washed stones is an ideal choice for Exterior Paving.

The stones for exterior flooring should be sturdy and durable. The back-side of the stone should remain unpolished and coarse. It facilitates mortar applications when needed. The high quality stones for external applications usually come with inward tapering edges. It provides more room for the mortar. Front-side has polished surfaces, and even & rounded edges. It beautifies the looks and overall ambiance.

Time Worn Stone Exterior Paving Collection

Our time-worn paving stone collection reflects the age and natural processes it has passed. We calibrated it well for the modern needs. Our time-worn collection of various flagstones, sandstones, and slate stones become precious for your driveways stone paving. 

Consider our “Primal” paving stones with soft riven and fettled edge an excellent choice for driveways. The exterior of your property has the mighty look of weathered profiles giving onlookers a traditional and time-worn sense.

Golden Oak, mossy green, and oyster grey collections are mainly from slate stones. They offer ample choices to match your driveways with building architects and your exterior landscaping.

Contemporary Stone Exterior Paving Collection

If you strive to have contemporary, sophisticated manufactured tiles like look-n-feel in your exterior flooring project with natural stones, we have a huge stunning collection. In ‘Suede’ category, you will find good looking and fine textured surfaces by shot-blasted and rugged finishing. Oyster Grey, Golden Oak, Peanut Grey, Woodland Beige, Mist White, Ochre Yellow, Teak, and Ivory Fantasy are popular varieties.

We fine-grained stones and enhanced the stone characters in ‘Fine Textured’ category, Grey Ochre, Peanut Grey, Desert Gold, and Porphyry are known varieties. Our ‘Honed’ contemporary stone collection comes with smooth surfaces & variations in colors and veins. Peanut Grey, Rainbow, Ochre Yellow, and Golden Oak are varieties you may like.

With beautiful carving in ‘Etched’ category, we create stunning visuals. Mossy Green, Sandy Straw, Desert Gold, and manually done Midnight Black is worth to try varieties.

Flamed and Leather are categories reflecting their names suggest.

Cerapave – A Structural Porcelain Paving Collection for Exterior Applications

When in a high-temperature Klin, a mix of sand, clay, and other minerals baked, it forms durable and non-porous material, which termed as Porcelain and modern architects have adopted it greatly replacing costly natural stones for paving.

We can mimic any natural stone or create unique and custom look-n-feel with porcelain. A porcelain face with a permeable concrete backing ease things a lot. Porcelain has durability, texture, and usability while stabikorn concrete offers permeability, strength, and pre-built spacers.

Therefore, our cerapave porcelain paving product category has the highest consumption in a range of applications. For instance, Multicolor Slate, Bluestone Dark & Light, Bluestone Paraquet and Grigio, Black Slate, Beige Travertine & Biscuit, Cappuccino Beige + Grey, Grey Quartzite & Biscuit, Latte, Basaltino, Sable, and Pepper Grey are highly trendy varieties.
Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 on Natural Paving Stones Products based on 897 User Rating

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