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Interior Flooring

Well, you are up to start building your dream home and opt for the best things in. The interior flooring is hard to resist part for your several concerns, and natural stones are the most opulent and decent option of all flooring materials. Marble is a favorite choice for interior stone flooring for centuries. With the advent of quarrying, slicing, processing, and finishing technologies have paved way to other stones to be used in interior paving. For instance, travertine, granite, limestone, slate, and sandstones are getting momentum in different regions of the world based on easy availability. World of Stones, USA has made the availability of precious natural stones for interior flooring ease and cost-effective. Our Luxury Collection is comprising of exclusive stones, marble design tiles in a highly sophisticated and unique way.Our Contemporary Collection brings stunning beauty on your floors, be it drawing room, bedroom, dining hall, or kitchen you have vast options to make up your mind.  Our Time Worn Collection for interior paving needs recalls the look-n-feel of the days gone by! You can bring classic appearance with the modern and superior material with today’s price!

Luxury Stone Collection for Interior Flooring

Our luxury collection consists of high quality stones, particularly marbles with unique treatments and sophistication. You will find the design on Grey William marble, antique beige, Nero Marquino, Bottochino Beige, and other marble varieties.  Our collection comes with the superior finishes, artistic designs, dazzling colors, and styles. Sumptuous patterns and the most important thing is augmentednatural look-n-feel.

Our Luxury collection offers five different colors in a variety of custom designs and patterns. We offer machine-made designs with lines, curves, patterns, and objects with a range of effects including etching, embossing, grains, and much more.

Contemporary Stone Collection for Interior Flooring

Our interior stone flooring collection for contemporary stones is the perfectoption for you indoor paving requirements. You will find stunning appearance, superb colors, and superior finishing on calibrated natural stones to match with the contemporary architecture and building designs.

We offer six sub-categories to make you a perfect choice. Suede has enhanced shot blasted finishing, elegant stone characters, and merged natural colors variations. For instance, Midnight Black has coarse surface look-n-feel. Jet Grey has smooth finishing on grey colored slabs whereasOcean Blue is simulating ocean ripples/waves effects on seawater with ocean blue color shades.

Suede Touch sub-categories havefine-grained stones with a rugged and textured surface touches. Smoky Black variety comes with smoke like simulation on the back colored shade surfaces. River Washed variety simulates river current by embossing stone surfaces, and come with sawn edges. Matt variety has a finish available in different colors. It gives a fine texture feel. Satin variety combines beauty with practicality. Honed variety has stunning design and color variations.

Time Worn Stone Collection for Interior Flooring

If you want to see your interior standstill in an ancient era, but live in the modern time, our time-worn collection lets you recall the tear & wear effects on the natural stones with three different finishes. Our Cathedral category recreates from 18th-century originals in a variety of colors. It seems that every inch of flagstone has worn over time.

Midnight Black, Castle Yellow, and Turkish Grey are worth to consider varieties. Aged Collection offers ideal ways to recall the flooring styles of the past. For example, Midnight Black exhibits natural grains, stains, and coarseness over the stone surfaces. French Vanilla simulates stone burning effects along with wear & tear effects.

Our Restoration category offers a variety of color shades in traditional appeals, vintage looks, and weathered appearances. Desert Gold variety brings desert effects in your interiors, French Vanilla simulates pitted surfaces in vanilla colors, and Jet Grey is doing the same with grey colors.
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