Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Paving Stones now becomes a natural choice for internal and external paving requirements. The advent of technologies has improved quarrying, transit, shipping, cutting, and finishing of natural stones up to your imaginative level. World of Stones in the USA is a perfect destination where you can find ethically sourced and high quality natural stones prepared by mingling the advanced tools & technologies, sophisticated skills, and prolonged experiences.

World of Stones is a leading Natural Paving Stones Supplier, fabricator, importer & exporter. You will find millions of square feet inventory, ultramodern distribution, and delivery network to offer myriads of options for types of stones, colors, styles, patterns, textures, and finishing.

Our natural stones are suitable for internal flooring as well as external applications such as backyard patios, treads, garden stepping, pier caps, copings, sills, and driveway flooring.

Exotic Collection
Exotic Collection

Our Exotic collection consists of the rarest natural rocks procured from the best regions of India. If you are fan of alluring appearances with luxurious textures, our Exotic collection of natural stone pavers should undoubtedly be your first choice. Attributes like strength, durability, aesthetics and style makes the collection even more special. This collection offers a wide range of rich colors, textures, finishes and edges to suit all of your landscape needs.

Premia Collection
Premia Collection

The Premia collection offers a broad range of high quality, natural sandstone products. This collection offers a wide range of rich colors, textures, finishes and edges to suit all of your landscape needs. This collection is available with both sawn edges or hand split edges. Sawn edges are available in 7 different colors and bring a clean, modern look to your projects. Hand split edges are available in 4 different colors that are specifically hand crafted to offer an aged, rustic look.

Natural Paving Stones for Patio Applications

Enjoying the Sunrise, having a Barbecue party, or playing with kids, your Home Backyard patio proves a big blessing and provides you dreamt space to go for recreational activities without wondering for a public place around you. How your backyard patio has made up, and what material used to become a matter of concern when it becomes a matter of pride during a barbecue. The same goes true when you seem anxious regarding the safety of your playing children on the patio. World of Stones offers a variety of natural stone materials used in the construction of paving for patios and similar external flooring applications. For instance,

Natural Stone Pavers for Stepping, Garden Path, and Driveway Applications

You have invested a lot in preparation of garden along with a lush green lawn. Moving bare feet on beautiful but muddy lawn grass ruining your mood by wetting legs with dirty mud. World of Stones in the USA offers a creative beautiful solution, and it is laid down decorative round stepping stones in creative ways to beautify your garden, backyard, or driveway with an extra facility.
We are an acclaimed Natural Paving Stones Supplier in the USA and adjoining regions. Visit our distributor or explore our online portfolio to know our exclusive offerings in due course.

Natural Paving Stones Supplier for Internal Applications

The charm, glory, and strength of natural stone paving remain unbeatable. We provide Internal stones for Flooring and Wall Covering as a customized package where the same is delivered from Factories in India with 12-16 weeks of lead time. We offer different designs, materials and finishes done on natural stones for exterior wall applications.