Window Sills

Homeowners are usually caught up with making a choice on which type of window finishing would be ideal for their project. However, most of our clients who settled for natural stone window sills often discover that it is the perfect match because it is attractive, durable, and functional with any decor style you choose.

Exterior Window Sill

An exterior window sill is essential to prevent daft and moist from getting into the room and also provides a shelf for placing potted plants and other decorations. Using natural stones for window sills combines the long-lasting nature of the piece with your desired decor style to augment the beauty of the entire structure. 

Interior Window Sill

Beyond providing the ultimate protection for where a window attaches a wall, the use of natural stones for an interior window sill allows matching with contrasting hues and provides homeowners with a useful shelf or somewhere to sit while meditating. You can add an extra glow to my exploring interior window sill decoration ideas to give your home the perfect look.

Different Kind of Natural Stones Used for Window Sills

Although there are a variety of natural stones available at World of Stones USA, we offer the listed materials for window sills for Exterior application:

Castle Grey
Design your home with high-end castle grey sandstone for window sills. The natural surfaceRead More