Natural Stone Steps

Are you looking to replace worn-out steps or construct new steps for your property? Using natural stone steps can reliably create a more inviting entry, giving your building the touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Shot-blasted, natural surface finish and various advanced edge profiles enhance the overall look of the stone step slabs. The excellent texture adds to the overall aesthetics of the patio steps in your outdoor landscape design. Our stone step slabs are slip-resistant, weatherproof and durable.

World of Stones USA is the best place to buy natural stone steps of superior quality at an affordable rate. So, don’t wait and check out the collection now.

  1. Natural Stone Steps - Sunset Buff
    Natural Stone Steps - Sunset Buff
    As low as $692.29

    Rustic Sandstone is a stunning and beaufully distinctive paving solution. Sizes (Nominal): Project Packs (36”x24” – 13 pcs., 24”x24” – 13 pcs., 24” x 12” – 13 pcs., 12” x 12” .... Read More

  2. Natural Stone Steps - Castle Grey
    Natural Stone Steps - Castle Grey
    As low as $692.29

    Sizes: Standard Length: 4'
    (Nominal) Standard Width: 16"
    Standard Thickness: 6"
    Finish: Surface Suede, 3 edges rock faced & 1 long edge sawn.

Different Kind of Natural Stones Used for Steps

Castle Grey Natural Stone Steps

With a standard length and width of 48” and 16” respectively, our castle grey quarried natural stones also features a natural stone with hand-split edges, making it ideal for outdoor spaces.

Sunset Buff Natural Stone Steps

This is similar in size to Castle grey but with warm sunset colour. These steps are also 6” thick.

Meanwhile, beyond the two kinds of natural stones listed above, World of Stones USA also offers customized natural stone steps depending on the quality, quantity, and the section of the property where the natural stones will feature.

Although these custom designs often attract a higher fee, you can be sure that you’ll find the exact fitting stones you need for your commercial or residential building.

Why You Should Use Natural Stone Steps for Your Property

Property owners who choose to use natural stone steps for their apartments can confirm that it offers numerous benefits when compared to other materials like concrete. Here are some of the best reasons to use natural stone steps for both residential and commercial structures:

  • Being gifts from nature, steps made of natural stones are sturdy, durable, and unaffected by adverse weather conditions.
  • In most cases, they often outlive the actual building or other components made with other materials.
  • Natural stone steps add a unique element to the decorative features of properties and can also serve as a base for other enhancements.
  • Natural stone steps make walking through the yard more accessible and safer for both old and young folks working to and from the main building.
  • Steps made of natural stones are easy to maintain and often do not require major repairs after the initial installation.
  • Natural stone steps enhance the value of a property and are compatible with nearly all architectural designs.

Why Should You Buy Natural Stones for Steps From Us?

Engineers and homeowners who order natural stones from World of Stones USA often cite the following as some of their reasons for trusting us:

  • Any natural stone collection in our inventory is available for the best prices, and we also offer reasonable discounts for bulk orders.
  • We implement the best industry standards with regards to scouting, quarrying, and development of our natural stone supplies, thus making the final product highly resistant to damage.
  • We offer post-sales service and expert guidance through our passionate stone consultants. Their insights, which will be available as long as your project lasts, can help you get the best results for your project. 
  • We endeavor to deliver client orders promptly and have, on occasion, do so before the agreed deadline. This standard is valid irrespective of the quantity demanded by the client.
  • Our partnership with the best shipping companies in the industry means that you can expect proper packaging and safe delivery of natural stones to the construction site.
  • Using our services can significantly ease & speed up your installation process. You will save your stonemasons from a lot of hurdles, and save money.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, as our core value includes going the extra mile if that will make our customers happy. Of course, this value is the reason why we have gained several referral clients over the years.

Natural stones that you purchase from us are inherently sturdy, durable, water and stain-resistant, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor steps and risings.

Order natural stones from World of Stones USA today by visiting our premises in Maryland or any of our verified distributors within your jurisdiction. You can rest assured that you’ll get the full value for your money, and also that exquisite look you want for steps in your building.