Natural Stone Treads

“A handshake gives us the first experience of a person; the front few steps give us the first tactile experience of a building.”How can you create that tactile experience? It is natural stone step treads used in your front steps, whether they are gently sloped or deep or shallow or at a sharper angle, serve architectural and aesthetic purposes of ascents in a modern or renovated home’s entrance.

Wise and creative use of natural stone treads can act as a subtle transition from landscape to home-scape, and one elevation to next in odd terrains of your garden.World of Stones USA helps designers to go for minimalistic design by providing pristine stone step treads or let them think of innovative design by softening the hardscape to let grow crevice-loving plant specimens.


Our natural stone treads are bestowed with sustainability, long-lasting, durability, sturdiness, and natural beauty, which are the most sought-after merits in the dimension stone industry.

For the designers or architects who are cautious about aesthetics, we bring natural beauty to your landscape in the form of different stone types available in nature. We can augment thatRead More