Stone Craft

If you like to live in harmony with nature, the use of stones can evoke the right emotions. If you can think of stones in paving and wall cladding, you must think of stone craft objects and structure to augment the overall aesthetics of your interiors and exteriors? 

World of Stone, USA offers exclusive collections ranging from miscellaneous yet eye-grabbing stone artifacts to the huge structures and sculptures. 

We invite you to check the creation of our talented stone cravers, for instance, our structural Collection can decorate your homes to commercial buildings, and explicitly designed for private to public places. 

Our Seaters Collection can add more spectrum in visuals while you expect it interior or exterior. With our Planter Collection, your eyes will soothe by added natural botanic beauty in your interior and exterior spaces as well. With our Artistic Sculptures, you can leave a signature of your affinity to nature itself!