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Stone Craft

If you like to live in harmony with nature, the use of stones can evoke the right emotions. If you can think of stones in paving and wall cladding, you must think of stone craft objects and structure to augment overall aesthetics of your interiors and exteriors? World of Stone, USA offers exclusive collection ranging from miscellaneous yet eye-grabbing stone artifacts to the huge structures and sculptures. We invite you to check the creation of our talented stone cravers, for instance, our structural Collection can decorate your homes to commercial buildings, and explicitly designed for private to public places. Our Seaters Collection can add more spectrum in visuals while you expect it interior or exterior. With our Planter Collection, your eyes will soothe by added natural botanic beauty in your interior and exterior spaces as well. With our Artistic Sculptures, you can leave a signature of your affinity to nature itself!

StructuralStone Craft Collection

Stonecraft in structural elements adds additional flairs to your ambiance within interior spaces as well as exterior spaces. We have specialization in designing various stone craft structural elements such as cornices, moldings, and pergolas. 

Our designer cornices used to mold in a factory using exquisite patterns that can revivify the looks of your exterior faces. We can add unparalleled charisma to your exteriors by creating pergolas from the high quality and sturdy stones chiseled to perfection. 

We have delivered successful projects for housing & commercial sectors, as well as retail & leisure sectors. We provide enough room for customization for our structural stone craft products in shape, size, style, and design befitting in your architectural plans.

SeatersStone CraftCollection

Are you worried about outdoor patio furniture? Do you want a permanent solution for outdoor furniture that never requires frequent moves and stays stand still? Stone crafted tables, twisted seats, and wave benches are something to add natural aesthetics in exterior ambiance. You can imagine outdoor dining, outdoor break areas to your office, leisure places for public park and even within your private gardens with our gorgeous products.

A thick tapered top can rest on stone footed base with the tree-trunk design. Our outdoor stone benches are a seamless mingling of supporting column and countertop in wave shape design. It leaves no doubt about bringing a relaxing mood once you seat on it

Planter Stone Craft Collection

You might never have imagined that simple planter containers can add a distinctive stamp of natural beauty in your garden planting or interior planting. Our stone craft accessories for garden-like stone planters can amplify a boom’s elegance. We give greenery the signature of style by our stone crafting expertise and experiences.
For instance,
  • Our Unique Olpe Style is a V-shape curved design with three small legs at the bottom.
  • Our Beautiful Amphora design also has V-shaped curvature,but the bottom has rounded grooves.
  • OurPyxis pattern seems nothing but a half part of a rounded ball.
  • Skyphos is a classic pot design with the rounded, grooved ring.
  • Flute style grooving from top to bottom presents a unique style.
  • Hydria in barrel shape style with a ring at the top.
  • Geometrical engraving in a rectangular cube-shaped pot.
  • Straight design with a flat upper portion and grooved bottom
All designs are available in teak sandstone are stunning eyes of onlookers.

SculpturesStone Craft Collection

SculpturesStone Craft Collection
Giving spaces to the aesthetic beauty in the home faces, gardens, public parks, and places by installing various sculptures is a tradition for centuries. Today stone sculptures with natural beauty and striking designs are not a royal tradition but used to find everywhere. Our Tulip designed sculpture in rainbow sandstone is instantly becoming a piece of conversion.

It draws eyes on sweeping patterns gracefully if you install in the vicinity of your patio in the garden. You can bring down some elements from the sky in the shape of planets designed from the rainbow sandstones. Planet Balls come with complete rounded curvatures, and smooth surfaces and natural grains are soothing eyes at first glance.
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