8 Benefits of Limewash Brick Walls That You Can’t Ignore

8 Benefits of Limewash Brick Walls That You Can’t Ignore

Mar 17, 2023

Limewash offers a durable covering when applied to porous brick because it is created from powdered limestone that has undergone chemical transformations caused by heat and water. When limewash is applied to a brick wall or house, it calcifies into the surface of the brick, protecting it from moisture buildup. So, if you don’t want the typical painted walls, you can limewash brick to create a more traditional yet simple look.

Limewash not only improves the appearance of your home but also provides a layer of protection from moisture. Apart from a protective layer, lime wash brick offers way more benefits than you think. So, in this article, we are going to look at the different benefits of lime wash brick for your home.

1. Limewash Brick is Low Maintenance

A lime wash takes little maintenance, unlike painted walls that need touch-ups every year. Once it’s been done, you can forget about it and spend years admiring your lovely brick house. Limewash will assist you in getting the weathered brick appearance you desire for the exterior of your property. Over time, limewash brick does fade, but don’t worry about the look. It will give your home an aged and natural feel. So, your home will have a natural and elegant look, whether you limewash exterior brick or interior ones.

2. Limewash Brick is a DIY Project

Limewashing the bricks is a DIY project, as the process is simple. However, it is advised to hire a professional to limewash your bricks so you won’t ruin the look of your wall. However, if you have decided to limewash the bricks on your own, make sure you buy the suitable materials and tools to achieve the best results. Make sure it perfectly complements your flooring materials be it granite, marble, sandstone, or vinyl flooring tiles.

3. Limewash Brick is Alkaline

Your bricks are sterilized by limewash’s high alkalinity to stave off mold, mildew, and other undesirable germs. Because of this, limewash is an excellent option for places like bathrooms, kitchens, and even exteriors. Additionally, it protects against insect invasion, preventing wood-boring beetles and other pests from penetrating your walls.

4. Limewash Brick is Durable & Weather Resistant

If you have applied limewash on your exterior walls, they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions like scorching heat, heavy rains, and snow. But don’t worry about the weather conditions, as limewash is a durable solution that can withstand every weather condition. It will not chip or crack away, maintaining the beautiful look of your home for years to come. Limewash brick houses are a perfect alternative to a painted house.

5. Limewash Brick is Environmentally-Friendly

As discussed earlier, limewash is a mixture of powdered limestone and water and contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an environmentally friendly solution. Besides being eco-friendly, lime wash brick is less toxic and doesn’t smell like paint.

6. Lime Wash Brick is Budget-Friendly

When compared to paints and other exterior solutions, limewash offers an affordable solution to your exterior brick walls. Apart from being affordable, limewash is easily accessible. You can find all the materials and ingredients at your local shop. So, if you don’t want to spend loads of money on painting your walls, limewash would be an ideal solution.

7. Limewash Brick is Non-film-forming

Another great benefit of limewash is that it is non-film-forming which means it will not peel or flake off with time. It will remain as it is on the first day of application. It is also a breathable solution to your brick walls, allowing the surface to breathe so it can prevent moisture and water damage. So, if you are looking for an alternative to natural stone wall ideas, lime washing bricks would be an affordable option.

8. Lime Wash Brick is Easily Replaceable

One of the best benefits lime wash brick offers is that it is easily replaceable. Once you’ve applied a lime wash to your brick walls, you can easily remove it within 4-5 days. This will allow you to test different colors that best suit your home. You can easily remove the coating and try again with a different color. You can apply multiple coats of limewash to get a cleaner and more solid look. But if you want the vintage look, you can leave certain spots without applying a layer of limewash.


These are the key benefits of limewash brick that you’ll get once you apply it to your walls. So, if you are also looking for an alternative to painted walls, you should definitely consider lime washing your brick walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look at these frequently asked questions related to limewash brick to help you understand lime wash better.

Q1. What does lime wash do to brick?

Limewash is a perfect alternative to paints as it calcifies to the surface, allows the brick to breathe, and prevents your walls from moisture.

Q2. How long does limewash last on brick?

Once applied to your brick walls, the limewash can last 6-7 years. It will erode with time, so you must consider coating your brick every 6-7 years.

Q3. Is it better to whitewash or limewash the brick?

Both limewash and whitewash have some advantages and disadvantages. So, choose the one that suits your budget and style.

Q4. Is it cheaper to limewash or paint brick?

Limewash is much cheaper than paint and lasts longer. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, the lime wash would be the perfect choice for you.


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