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If you love natural beauty everywhere in your home or office, natural stones are unmatched offerings by the nature. Natural stones are not only for horizontal perspective; it has a vertical perspective too. If you love marble vanities for paving or granite/travertine for the countertop, a range of natural stones can get much love on the wall too. World of Stones offers each wallcovering the slab with gorgeous work of art, created by nature spending centuries. We cordially invite you to explore our stone wall panels, stone veneer, decorative wall covering, and stone wall cladding products out of our treasure of inventory. Our natural stones are splendid to look, sturdy to withstand a long, and low in maintenance. Check some of our fascinating collections, which you may love and inspire to apply in your current construction projects.

Classic Collection

A classic collection of wall covering natural stones at World of Stones has wonderful gems. Murals etched in the shape of Tulip, and Golden Leaf is marvelous. Up-down stone tiles come in a spectrum of colors & styles. Wedged tiles in unique stepped patterns create an alluring effect on walls.

Rounded 1” edge grant pillow like embossing effect. Grooved effects beautify wall cladding further. The stunning effect comes when stones clad in a wave pattern. Stone strip cladding mesmerizes the onlookers.

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Hand Crafted Collection

Our handcrafted murals can wrap your wall with splendid pictures to convert your wall in a canvas with a tapestry of different visions. Flowering beauty comes with floweret sandstone. Nasturtium elegance on golden oak sandstone.

Creeper embossing on mossy green sandstone. The entire palm tree stands on the surfaces of desert gold sandstone. Lotus come out from oyster grey sandstone. You can explore more wall covering options in the same line of products.

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Luxury Collection

Luxury comes from two sides, the innate beauty of marble and travertine like selected stones; and classic to modern artwork on those stones! Maple leaf design, Pearl inlay, intricate artwork, and paisley artwork are something sumptuous to see on your stone veneer.

Gold decor, champagne décor, ruby red décor, and silver décor are something to décor on your stones on wall cladding. Falling leaves artwork, flower mosaic, motif, butterfly, feather, tree log, and falling flower artwork are indeed adding luxury on natural stones when you are going the wall covering with our stones.

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Stellar Collection

You will find a stellar collection of carved stones and modular panels to design a variety of stunning spaces on your wall covering project.
Designs like rock, ribbon, ruffle, cube, bamboo, rose, revere, and crushed box are nothing but seem epic games of flat lines, curves, and dots/points.

These are all playing rhythms of harmonic shapes and refined wraps with our out-of-box wall covering products.

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